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    So far through four games of the preseason, Pro Football’s number one graded linebacker in pass coverage is…well by the title I'm sure you guessed it. Rookie DeVonte Holloman of the Dallas Cowboys. On a per snap basis, Holloman has graded out better than Von Miller, Lance Briggs, or Jerod Mayo in the passing game. Make no mistake about, DeVonte Holloman has had a terrific preseason and has easily made the Dallas Cowboys 53 man roster.

    When the Cowboys drafted DeVonte Holloman I was hesitant on the selection because I liked the depth the Cowboys had at the linebacker position. Would a sixth round pick at linebacker even have a chance to crack the 53 man roster? After seeing Holloman play in four preseason games, the answer is absolutely yes. Holloman has played 97 snaps on defense and has accumulated eight tackles, one sack, one quarterback hit, two interceptions and one defensive touchdown. On top of that, he also forced a strip sack fumble that was incorrectly called an incomplete pass. We will get to that later. The average NFL defense is on the field for about 60-70 snaps, and what is so impressive is that Holloman has created so many plays in approximately six quarters of NFL action. It's easy to see that when Holloman is on the field, he makes plays.

    DeVonte Holloman's coverage ability makes him a unique player in the NFL. Through the preseason, quarterbacks have a quarterback rating of only 20.5 when they direct passes towards Holloman. Compare that to the recently signed Sean Lee in 2012, in which the average quarterback rating when passes were thrown in his direction was 77.5. A remarkable difference for a rookie sixth round pick.

    Normally when I scout a player, I can think of a pretty good NFL comparison within the first few games I see of them. With Holloman, it took me only a few snaps. Although they play different positions, Holloman reminds me so much of Chicago Bears linebacker Lance Briggs. When comparing their measurables, I was stunned.
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    Well so to prop up Holloman we knock down Lee? Makes no sense at all. Trust me Holloman is my favorite pick of the draft and I think he is going to be special but lets not knock perhaps our best defender we have.
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    Not a knock on Lee at all. Lee is a very good coverage LB. Just goes to show you how special Holloman could be.
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    Really, Ok Holloman is a very pleasant surprise. But How many snaps has he seen against a bonafide NFL QB and the #1s. Not too many, many of his snaps were against a teams possible #2 maybe even #3 QB after final cut down. I think he has something but he has looked good against 2's and 3's doesn't mean he will still look like a stud against 1's.
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    Not sure what formula Pro Football Focus is using, but I'd say those numbers are skewed quite a bit by his two interceptions of back-up / bubble QB's. I'm not trying to diminish what he has accomplished - I'm actually pretty giddy about the 6th rounders production - but as some one else may have already mentioned, until we see it in the regular season, these stats are meaningless.
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    Right. Those numbers are drastically inflated, and they dont even exist if not for blatant mistakes by the offense.

    Having said that, I think he could step in right now and be a solid LB in this system because of his coverage skills. Might not stand out right away, but I dont think we'd be losing too much if he had to replace a guy like Durant or Sims in the starting lineup.
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    Few things to consider when you compare him to Lee/Carter.
    Lee is an excellent run AND pass defender.
    Holloman is just an execellent pass defender for NOW. Is it possible that he is an excellent pass but not run defender because he is already moving back into position to defense a pass and not diagnosing run plays quickly.
    To think Holloman can unseat Carter also will take quite a bit as well. We've seen Carter's elite athleticism. That's rare. We watch him run down WR and has the brute strength to drive back TE and RB. Don't think Holloman has that. part of the reason he fell to 6th round.

    Nevertheless, Holloman sounds like at the minimum we have an excellent nickle LB who hopefully can develop into a more complete LB.
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    To those saying he is going against second and third teamers...he is also playing with second and third stringers. He is taking advantage of the playing time he is getting and doing a good job. That is what you want to see.Now he could wind up being a similar player as the last one who wore 57. A player that looked great in preseason and would make some plays in the limited time he would get in the regular season but always be a backup rotational guy. Or maybe we gets lucky and he winds up taking simms/durants job down the road.
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    For the record, when Holloman returned the pick against Miami, he blew his assignment.

    He was supposed to rushing the passer.
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    He won't be competing with Carter. They will
    Move one of them. Carter is a great LB your best 3 will end up being Carter Lee and Holloman
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    Landry Hat always strives for sensationalism.

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