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    One of my first articles that I wrote when I joined this site was my take on where Dez Bryant ranks among the league’s best wide receivers using their 2012 statistics. But in this article, I wanted to get more in depth as to what makes Dez Bryant an elite wide receiver in the NFL today. Like Michael Jordan shooting a basketball or Tiger Woods swinging a golf club, catching a football is something that just comes natural for Dez Bryant. While this has never been doubted, it was all the little things that Bryant did as the season progressed that allowed him to become an elite receiver, and not just a fascinating talent.

    In week four against the Chicago Bears, Dez Bryant played one of his worst games in his short NFL career. After failing to run the correct route late in the 2nd quarter that led to an interception and multiple drops, many NFL analysts and writers were ready to give up on Bryant. Calvin Watkins from ESPN Dallas wrote after the game that "It makes you wonder if (Dez) is worth all the trouble. Maybe not, because Bryant isn't close to being an elite receiver." But the Dallas Cowboys have shown an incredible amount of patience with Dez Bryant and because of this, they were rewarded with an unbelievable second half of the season from the young receiver.

    So to begin my full scouting report on Dez Bryant, let's look to see just how great of an athlete we are dealing with. Just for comparison’s sake, here are the measurables of the best “big” wide receivers in the NFL today:

    Read the rest at:
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    No replies to this is kind of sad. Maybe he should write a Romo thread. j/k

    Really nice job ND21.
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    It is a good article. Nice job man.

    Frankly, Dez seems on a different level than all of those guys athletically. I realize some run faster than him, but man... I've never seen anyone like Dez. He is just so strong and has such terrific body control.

    Megatron wins with his height and size, but Dez wins with his athleticism, body control, hand-eye coordination, and strength.

    I know what the numbers say... but my eyes tell me the guy is different than everyone else. I think he flat out scares DB's.
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    Good article, I enjoyed it
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    Good article, was a nice read.

    To compare Dez to Megatron is a bit of a stretch, wait till Dez puts up 3-4 years of solid production till we even compare, because as of right now there's not a comparison.
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    Thanks for this it was a nice read
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    I enjoyed it. thanks
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    Great article! Dez is actually closer to 215 at this point than 227 though. He cut a lot of weight before last year and is much leaner
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    Did you check on the 44" vert? Most indications are that it was 38".
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    I don't disagree and I understand the sentiment but Megatron has only recently solidified his production, so I don't think its a matter of consistency (Johnson wasn't as consistent over the first 3 years as Bryant is/was).

    The reason why Megatron is Megatron is because of his measurables. They're just other-worldly. Because of that, he will likely only be compared to the greats. (Moss, Rice, etc)
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    I'm curious to see how coordinators try to stop Dez this year.

    He'll probably see bracket coverage like T.O used to in his prime. Should really open things up for Miles and Witten.
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    The player who I really hope can change some of the dynamics is TWill. When we go S11 personnel he can really threaten the Safeties with his deep speed, height and ball skills. Then you have Witten and Austin who can wreak havoc in the short to intermediate range if help isn't supplied there as well. Finally you have Dunbar who apparently is a matchup nightmare at camp right now for all the LBs. I think we are going to take people by surprise this year when we come out and give them a 12 personnel look and then switch to S11. We were doing other teams a favor last year every time we put Vickers out there. We won't make that mistake again this year.
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    BTW, I also like the ability to go no-huddle with the 12 personnel and keep the defense from substituting on 3rd down if they are in base personnel.
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    Great read. Thanks to the OP. Dez definitely has a chance of becoming one of the best ever. It appears that his work ethic is catching up with his physical abilities. If he stays healthy, watch out NFL.
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    Nice article comparing measurables. I think Dez's best trust is immeasurable, and that is passion. That may be what separates him from the rest. I think that's what separated Rice from all others. His passion bred dedication. That dedication combined with his talent spiralled into the most succesful WR in league history.
    I think Dez has that opportunity at least. Of course team plays a huge role, but the opportunity is there.
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    Two different sources have it at 44", while the reports from his pro day varied between 38-40". Still working to find the correct number.
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    I am willing to bet that Dez plays closer to his 40 speed than many of the WR on the list. Based on the way his legs are built he has the "torque" to generate the speed he needs fully geared. This year will be telling with the new pad rules and everyone has to wear thigh and knee pads. It will be interesting to see which elite WR "slow" down.
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    I still have a hard time believing Dez is 227lbs. I went to the Panther game last year and was about 10 feet away from him while he was warming up for awhile. He didn't look like he weighed anywhere near that much. Don't get me wrong, he was extremely muscular but he didn't look that big to me, but what do I know.
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    Are those sources historically accurate?
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    Dez is faster than what his 4.52 speed indicates. So is Miles. I read somewhere Miles 40 time has been as low as the 4.3's

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