TLH: Scouting Report on Joseph Randle

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by NeonDeion21, Oct 15, 2013.

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    With DeMarco Murray and Lance Dunbar both out next week, the Dallas Cowboys will turn to their fifth round rookie running back Joseph Randle to carry the load against the Philadelphia Eagles. And while Dallas has been somewhat successful in finding middle to late round steals at the running back position in the past few drafts, I have my reservations about Randle and how well he will perform in a starting role.

    Joseph Randle was a 2013 5th round pick out of Oklahoma State who many at the time believed Dallas stole on draft day. He slipped in the draft in part because of a slow 40 yard dash time. While I don't believe one single run at an NFL combine defines how good or bad a player is going to be, it does give us reason to hesitate. Below is a chart of the Dallas Cowboys running backs currently on the roster and how they measure out:


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  2. Mookie

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    I have a good feeling about this, especially because Murray hasn't been all that good for us, in my opinion a bit overrated, apart from the Rams games, he is average at best.
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    I'm more worried about the young guys picking up the blitz. Murray is pretty good at it and we all know Garrett will go pass happy at some point during the game.

    Can you trust them to recognize and pick up the blitz?
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    He's the tallest, skinniest, slowest and least quick RB we have. I always root for the underdog! :)
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    What if..his slow 40 allows him to hit the hole at the right time. Making it seem like he's patient and has great vision lol
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    He is faster than that recorded time. There are days that you do not run well. Randle is faster than a 4.6
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    When i watched him in preseason I saw a guy that has a nice sidestep to avoid tackles - He looks good catching the ball too. Im excited to see what he can do this week.
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  8. T-RO

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    Buy a clue. Who calls the plays?!
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  9. T-RO

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    Exactly...with the least experience and poorest blocking skills.
  10. starfrombirth

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    I knew this was crap as soon as I saw that it said DeMarco Murray was faster than Lance Dunbar. Murry is not fast.
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  11. kTXe

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    Murray ran a 4.41?? He doesn't play anywhere near that fast.

    EDIT: starfrombirth beat me to it.
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    Man so many of our fans underrate Demarco.
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  13. Nexx

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    more tend to overrate him.
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  14. jobberone

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    I agree but he needs to stay on the field and still play well.
  15. Wonderboyromo

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    Murray has been a little disappointing to me this year. He does look oddly slow when hitting the holes, and doesn't appear to have great vision. I don't think our line has done a great job for him, though.
  16. starfrombirth

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    have you seen so the whole she gets to run through? I could run through those holes and I'm 46 and have for blown disc
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    demarco murray is a bit overrated particularly, outside of dallas. They see the big numbers he is capable of putting up and assume that the playcalling is to blame. However, nothing about joseph randle's measurables suggests he's going to be any sort of an upgrade.
  18. 44cowboys22

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    Don't sell Randle short. ... Kid can play withe best of them. I watched him flat out play at OSU..... Think Dez type of talent really!
  19. DuceizBak

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    "You know guys, I really like this starfrombirth fella. Cowboys picked him right off the street and he plays just like a champ, After we analyze the footage, look how he analyzes his blocking situation and picks the best hole. Just last week this guy was giving people change back out of his fanny pack and watching grand kids, what a pleasure it is to watch this guy play, I gotta tell ya Mike"
  20. RamziD

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    It was Randle's first NFL game and I'm sure they told him to just take what was there and protect the ball. I'm not concerned that he doesn't look like Lesean McCoy at this point in his career.

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