News: TLH: The Cowboys’ Weapon No One is Talking About

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    The Cowboys’ Weapon No One is Talking About
    by Reid Hanson

    The Dallas Cowboys will enter the 2014 season with offensive option aplenty. Lost in the mix of talented playmakers, stands the Cowboys’ 5’8” secret weapon – Lance Dunbar.
    Maybe not a secret to Dallas Cowboys fans, Dunbar is generally unheard of outside of Cowboys Nation. That may change shortly…

    Third year running back Lance Dunbar enters the 2014 season with high hopes. Despite very limited game experience the RB out of North Texas flashed enough potential to have locked up a roster spot and a role on this 2014 Cowboys squad.

    Dunbar may not be a very intimidating presence but the kid is lightning in a bottle; able to take a draw or a screen to house from anywhere on the field. Injures have prevented him from establishing himself on the offense but he has the potential to single-handedly transform this offense into a truly dynamic force.

    Steve Hunt from Fox Sports Southwest reported earlier this summer that the Dallas Cowboys, and specifically RB coach Gary Brown, has great expectations for the diminutive Dunbar.

    “Well, he’s a guy that’s going to be a complete weapon,” Brown said. “We can line him up anywhere on the team: tailback spot, at the wide receiver spot, in the slot. He has tremendous hands and he’s not just a specialty guy.”...
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    As long as he can stay on the field.

    Who knows, maybe if he played all 16 last year, we could have squeaked out another win or two.
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    Issue with him will always be health. Too small for much heavy work.
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    heard the same thing last year all he did was sit on the bench injured
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    High percentage of fumbles in his short career... that's the other issue w/Dunbar. He can scare a defense but most hold on to the football.
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    a fumbler and hurt alot...not overly excited

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