Tna Founder Rips The Product And Vince Russo

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    Jerry Jarrett commented on the state of TNA over the weekend to Mike Mooneyham saying, "Until they make radical surgical changes in creative, and unless they get some people who comprehend the wrestling business, they are doomed to be the financial drain on Panda (majority owner Panda Energy) that they are now and have been since inception. The core of their problems is the creative development of their product. They have to cut the cancer out." About Vince Russo keeping his booking job Jarrett said, "He obviously has qualities that I don't recognize or understand. How can a person who has a 15-year history of failure still keep a job?" He also noted about the TNA product that " My own grandchildren can't watch it anymore." I wonder how Jeff Jarrett feels about that statement. Speaking of Jeff Jarrett, his father blamed the hiring of Russo on his son stating, "I would deserve the label ‘stupid’ if I had made the decision to hire Vince Russo. But I made the horrendous mistake of yielding to my son’s (Jeff) wishes." He added, "There are numerous statements where I tried to tell Jeff what an idiot he was. It was just a problem from Day 1." You can read the whole piece by clicking here.

    TNA! TNA! TNA!
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    Well he's got that right. It was definately stupid to ever bring Vince Russo in on anything wrestling related.

    David Arquette (spelled wrong most likely).

    That's all you have to say to know all you need to know about Vince Russo.

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