to be in the sun or not......?

Discussion in 'Members Zone' started by CM Duck, Jun 28, 2005.

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    do any of you guys know what side of the stadium the sun sits in Texas Stadium? In other words, which endzone? Is it the side with the "stadium club" or the opposite side of the field?(for those who know section numbers) Does the sun hit on section 101 or section 117?

    I am asking because I have the opportunity to get some tix for the Boys/eagles game in october. I have to decide between 4 sections(2 in each section/2 upper level and 2 upper level front row), and i don't wanna sit in the sun for 3 hours. My beer wouldn't stay cold too long.

    If anybody HONESTLY knows please reply, I'd appreciate it.
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    the sun hits section 117. if you are looking at the front of the cowboys bench
    that is the end zone to your left.
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    The only game I have been too we got lucky. Our seats were in the shade the whole game. We were right over the visitors tunnel in the endzone. I don't remember what the section number was but I remember it was in the single digits.
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    The game is a 3:15 start so you’re not going to be exposed to the sun very long. Section 101 will be the end zone that will not be exposed to the sun but again it will not matter considering the time the game starts.

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