TO not practicing, Spears returns

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by BigDFan5, Aug 14, 2006.

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    Terrell Owens is making his way toward the stationary bicycle, according to Todd Archer.
    If you watched or listened to Bill Parcells news conference earlier today, you heard him make his most forceful comments regarding T.O.'s left hamstring injury to date: "We need to see something here pretty soon," Parcells said of Owens.
    He also repeated a phrase he's used many times over the past four years: "If they don't practice, they're not playing. Like everyone else."
    Parcells isn't ready to panic, but I think his patience is wearing thin. Jerry Jones made a statement Saturday that it would be good for Owens to learn how to practice at 75 to 80 percent. He said he didn't mean that as a criticism, just that Owens is used to going at the same (full) speed all the time and might benefit from holding back a little in practice.

    Patrick Crayton, Terry Glenn, Bobby Carpenter and Ryan Fowler are also missing practice. Crayton could out for as long as four weeks with a high right ankle sprain. Glenn, Carpenter and Fowler should all return by tomorrow.
    The good news is that defensive end Marcus Spears returned to practice this afternoon. That's a pretty quick recovery from knee surgery, so we'll give some credit to Jim Maurer, Britt Brown, Greg Gaither and the rest of the training staff.
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    I hope this does not become an issue and would like to see TO out on the practice field somethings this week. This is football training camp not Tour De France training camp. This is a different offense than he is use to and I think it is important that he gets some work in with the 1st string offense.
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    Give no credit to the training staff. Spears is just another in a long line of young or unestablished Cowboy players forced back too early from injury, many reinjuries have resulted.TO and Terry Glenn are old enough to know the game but JJones, Beriault, Canty, Burnett, Anthony Henry, Keith Davis to name a few have all returned too early.
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    And in any of these cases did players hurt themselves worse because they returned?

    No. Not a one.

    Bill won't put guys out there if it puts them in danger of doing more damage. He does want players to learn to play with pain.

    Wow. Play with pain? In the NFL? What a crazy idea Bill has.

    And Spears? The surgery he had? Lots of players have had that on a Monday and played the following Sunday.
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    Wow look ..... agenda
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    Actually, I think the training staff is doing the right things to young injured players...and the vets...

    It's a LONG SEASON...get your nagging bones and muscles, and the brain ready...

    One thing about coach Parcells, and the Jimma, too...and most likely all good coaches...was, you make damn sure that those around you, like the training staff, assistant coaches, ect., can be trusted to tell you the TRUTH... could fail. And, many have...!

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    I don't see how you could say that unless you knew each player's diagnosis, their symptoms and physical findings, results of all tests, and their pain thresholds. I doubt anyone on this board is privy to something so confidential it is covered by state and federal statutes to protect privacy.

    Without knowledge you may only make assumptions. I think it's a given Bill pushes his players very hard but I've heard him state several times he relies on the trainers and players to let him know if they are ready to go. He's mentioned players that are always ready to play no matter what and who shouldn't be on the field. And he's mentioned those who milk their injuries. So unless he is gets the go from the trainers and knows that individual enough to trust them he won't play them.

    I highly suspect Bill does not jeopardize his talent by rushing them back when doing so is likely to cause harm and further injury. He's not stupid.

    I have no doubt he would push a needed player if they only hurt when they played and could cause no further injury.
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    This TO thing is starting to worry me. He wont practice all this week I bet just to send a message to BP that he can do what he wants. Then BP will be upset and bury him in the depth chart if he ever comes back, and wolah, a huge ordeal.
  9. Juke99

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    Ya know, there goes that Parcells guy trying to stir up trouble about TO...don't this writers have anything else to write about!?

    Oh wait...oooops...Parcells said it this time.

    Gee..maybe those writers haven't been so far off the mark, huh?
  10. Seven

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    It already is. He ain't holding up his end of the bargain. Again. Cut his worthless..................
    Jerry needs to quit coddling this waste of a human sperm cell and act like the boss that he IS.
  11. AbeBeta

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    there is simply no way that any coach in this league buries TO on the depth chart. you can bury marginal talent like Peerless Price. But TO can win games for a team.
  12. TheKey

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    Exactly, this already is an issue. I cant believe that Spears can come back from knee surgury faster than TO can from a strained hammy. Trade him to anyone who will take him.
  13. AbeBeta

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    Gee. Overreact much?
  14. noshame

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    It is getting wierd. I also hate parcells refering to him as "the player".

    Not good.
  15. Bob Sacamano

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    they would be close if BP looked pained when saying that he needs to see something from TO, otherwise, BP is just saying the full-blown truth, and what any coach would say in this situation w/ a player he's only had a few practices to evaluate
  16. Juke99

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    Ah but this isn't any player...Parcells has to treat him like he's any other player because to do otherwise wouldn't be wise....but this isn't "any" player.
  17. Bob Sacamano

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    true, but Parcells treats players like any other players until they show him something, which TO hasn't, so until then, in Parcells' eyes, he's just a regular guy fighting for preseason playing time
  18. Juke99

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    Yeah...when Parcells starts with that "the player" stuff it usually means he's less than happy....

    Owens has the opportunity to change that. We'll see.

    But ya know, I've learned about behavior problems in business. You can sit and plan all you want...but they always seem to come up with an issue that you never even considered.

    Now, I'm not saying this is a full blown problem by any stretch....but NO ONE would ever have expected that Owens wouldn't practice because of an injury that it seems the team feels isn't severe enough to keep him off the field.

    Behavior problems ALWAYS come up with something you never anticipated.
  19. Bob Sacamano

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    this is where I feel the writers are close on, TO is a primadonna, and that will never change
  20. Juke99

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    Oh...I know why he's doing it....and I think that he doesn't have any other choice.

    But that doesn't mean that Owens, he of massive ego, will respond well to be lumped in with "any" other player....especially because he and Parcells haven't had time to build a relationship yet.

    We'll could end up being nothing.

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