To those who did not get the game on DTV

Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by MrCharlie007, Sep 19, 2004.

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    Did anyone actually have the Ticket and did NOT get the game on Directv ...No one seems to be answering the question on the other thread. I have a friend who works at directv so I can ask him whats up...
  2. mperfection

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    Yes, I got the game on my DTV...AND my local CBS channel. I thought DTV was supposed to black out any game being covered by a local channel.

    Go figure... :(
  3. junk

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    I have the Ticket. I got the game for almost a half (until Cleveland was kicking its 3rd FG).

    I also got it on my local.

    That is the new rule that DirecTV did not tell anyone about. If you get the game on your local, you will not get it on Sunday Ticket. The game was nationally broadcast today.
  4. Smith22

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    Had it for the 1st half as well, then it went out and I had to go to my local CBS feed.
  5. MrCharlie007

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    I live in NC and since I have had the ticket I have NEVER not been able to watch the cowboys game.. I always get Im just curious to these guys who are saying DTV sucks... Did they have the ticket ? Its a simple freaking question
  6. junk

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    And a simple answer. Yes, I have the ticket. No, I did not get the entire game broadcast on Sunday Ticket.

    This is DirecTV's line:

    NFL SUNDAY TICKET™ consists of regular season Sunday games broadcast at 1 pm and 4 pm EST. However, due to league and network requirements, games broadcast by your local FOX or CBS station will not be available on NFL SUNDAY TICKET™. If your game is not available in the 700-719 channel range, simply switch over to your local FOX or CBS station.

    This is new this year and DirecTV did not inform anyone of this. I have a Tivo satellite receiver, to record Dallas games. I can't if they are on local.

    I figure if I pay $200 freaking dollars, I should get every game. Why anyone would care where I watch it is beyond me.
  7. MrCharlie007

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    Wooo woo there cheech....I have known about that rule...that WAS in effect last year as in short you were able to get the game...It was just on your what is the big deal ? That you couldnt use your tivo ? All the ticket is doing is giving you the fox broadcast. so if its broadcast locally then it makes sense that it wouldnt be in the 700's.

  8. junk

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    Nope, this never happened to me last year. Several times, the Boys played on a local. I watched every one on the Ticket.

    The big deal is 1) Yes, I can't use the Tivo, which I paid for and a pay a monthly fee for the sole purpose of recording Dallas games. 2) I paid for Sunday Ticket, which in the past, has had every game broadcast and no longer does even though I pay more for it 3) DirecTV never informed me of this change.

    What is the big deal about blocking it if it is on your local? This has to be more difficult for them anyway. DirecTV hasn't given me a straight answer yet.

    Now this is also bad for games other than Dallas. Today I wanted to flip between several other games. Colts/Titans was blacked out on the dish. I had to flip between my locals and my satellite. Major inconvenience. I don't want a major inconvenience for $200. Not to mention that the DirecTV reps are clueless about this and they can't seem to figure out what they are blacking out and when.

    Signal quality on Sunday Ticket is far better than my locals as well.

    I wonder if they show the HD feed? I can't get local HD feeds....another possible avenue to look into I guess.
  9. silverbear

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    It worked exactly the same way for me this year as it did last year... I had to go to the DC feed of the game, on channel 9, because the game was blacked out on my Sunday Ticket... exactly as it worked last year, whenever the Cowboys game was broadcast in the DC area...

    No big deal, IMO, except that meant that when the Cowboys game was on HD AND broadcast in the DC area, I had to make do with the low-tech feed... that was mildly annoying... but as long as I get to see the Boys every weekend, I don't really care...
  10. DakotaFan

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    I was blacked out for the second half last week and the entire game today.

    I've had the Ticket ever since they began and have NEVER missed a Dallas game before.

    I live in a very rural area (120 miles to a Walmart!) and can not get any local feed on an antenna.

    Their web site say that I cant even buy the local channels because I dont have one of their multiple satalite receivers.

    Sooooooo......I payed 200+ for ST but if I want to see every game I have to first buy a new receiver and buy the local channels!
  11. Source

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  12. Nors

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    Same was in place last year - if its a local game you don't get it on NFLT

    watch it on local TV
  13. 31RoyW31

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    I believe with DTV is doing is old news for those in NFL cities, but new for those not in anyone's market. I have also had the ticket since the first year and never had a blackout until this year. What I don't like is Dallas has been on HD both weeks on DTV and my local CBS and FOX don't have HD yet. The only good news is that DTV for some reason has shown the first half of the Dallas games then blacked out the second.
  14. gkdaboys

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    I have had the Ticket at least ten years and had to watch on my local channels last year when it was blacked out on the Ticket channels. I have a very old reciever an RCA DRD102RW and I can get the local channels on Directv, so I don't know why the web site says you need a special reciever
  15. AsthmaField

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    I've had the Ticket since it came out and I've never missed a game before this season.

    Today's game was available on my local channels... problem is, I don't have my local channels. The first little bit was blacked out and then the game was on. At halftime, it was blacked out again and never came back on.

    It didn't happen last season. I had the game on local TV several times and still watched it on DTV.

    I paid all that money to watch the Cowboy games and ended up having to drive to someone elses house during the second half kickoff and early 3rd quarter to watch.

  16. TheSkaven

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    Me too. They apparently made a mistake because I lost the game at half time and had to watch it on the local channel. The difference, of course, being that I couldn't watch it in HD after halftime.
  17. junk

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    Does anybody listen to me? Seriously, read for a minute before you post.

    This DID NOT happen to me last year. This is new for me this year. I never had a game blacked out last year. Not once and Dallas played several games on the local, I chose to watch them on the ticket. I never had any games blacked out in fact. The only issue I had was if the local game ran late, then I missed the start of the late game.

    Apparently, for some, this isn't a big deal. For me, it is. I pay $200 to watch the Dallas Cowboys. I can't Tivo on locals. The local feed is a crappy signal. I don't want to watch the local. I can't get locals on my dish. If I get a waiver for locals, so they are on my dish (provided the hokey pokey locals agree to it), I am still screwed because the locals always show something other than what the NY/LA locals will show.

    If DirecTV could offer me the locals on the dish, I would have no issue. They can't.
  18. Nors

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    For me this was the same last year. No big deal as I watch on local channel. Only issue I have had is when early game runs over I get screwed out of Dallas game in Boston market.
  19. junk

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    I didn't have a single game blacked out last year. Not one. I did have the problem you described above.
  20. DanteEXT

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    I'm confused. I am assuming your locals are coming through an antennae. if so, how does DTV know you have local stations broadcasting the game?

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