TO wont miss a game?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by REDVOLUTION, Sep 18, 2006.


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    According to BP, TO's procedure will probably have a plate inserted which will not allow the hand to break again.... BP says if TO can get his hand to function with plate then....... ? does that mean if probably can go right away?
  2. JackMagist

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    It means that anything is possible and they won't know until the sergury is done and the swelling has gone down. They should have a better idea of how long he will be out by time for practice next Monday.
  3. theogt

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    That's what Adam Schefter is reporting:
  4. ka0tik

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    He probably will play against Tenn. knowing TO
  5. Cowboy from New York

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    We should be able to beat the Titans without TO. If he feels great, fine. But he needs to be ready for the Philly game to take pressure off of Bledsoe.
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    I had 2 small plates put in my right hand and it still hurts to this day when I go golfing and hit the ground too much. It took about 9 months before I had a full range of motion in my fingers but for the most part I could function normally with a little pain. Obviously he is going to get better care then I recieved.
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    Perhaps you need to invest $15,000 in an oxygen chamber (like the one that TO has).
  8. Doomsday

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    I use to have one of those in college but we used bongs with it and the darn thing caught on fire.
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    Owens has this way of getting back on the field before the doctors want him to. Remember his ankle when he was in Philly. I wouldn't be suprised if he made it back for Tennessee. Get back in that hyberbaric chamber Darth Vader!
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    From what I heard, the only thing stopping him would be pain and range of motion. With a plate in there you don't have to worry about aggravating it.

    So basically, he'll probably be back but we might continue to see a couple drops. He'll still be able to draw coverage though which does more for the offense than a couple catches.

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