Today in Cowboys History: April 6

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    Apr 6 - Lost in free agency: Torrin Tucker to Tampa Bay (2006); Re-signed: Stephen Bowen (2009), Steve Octavien & Marcus Spears (2010); Birthdays: Chad Eaton (DT: 2004, b. 2004), Randall Godfrey (LB: 1996-99, b. 1973), Aaron Kyle (DB: 1976-79, b. 1954), Hurvin McCormack (DT: 1994-98, b. 1972), Larry Robinson (RB: 1973, b. 1951), Stan Smagala (DB: 1990-91, b. 1968)

    Trivia: One of today's birthday boys is from the same hometown as a famous Wild West gunfighter and a current Cowboy. What is the town, who are the two Cowboys and who was the gunfighter?

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