Tony Dorsett: Hall of Fame

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    In John Facenda vocce:

    It was a dark and overcast day. The type of day when the warriors from Mount Olympus decend on consecrated turf to play what is called NFL football.
    The visegoths from the North were in battle-ready array, mammoths like throwbacks to the ghosts of early 20th century football when blood, sweat, spit and heart-and-body piercing assassins thread the earth.
    A seemingly underweight Tony Dorsett took the field as a thousands voices roared their approval, like Romans seeing their best lion-killer.
    Tony Dorsett, mink-wearing disco-dancing, mirror-dropping soon to be great executed an eye-popping cut to right tackle, lost in the grunts and mud and detritous of a man's game.
    Off right tackle. Toward the 30, the 40, the 50. Driven out of bounds. But on his way to legend. To the pantheon of greats on the team of Landry, Lombardi, the Gipper and St. Paul.

    (end of Facenda vocce)

    Well done, Tony!
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    What the hell, I am too young for these threads.
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    Some days I feel like Walter Brennan around here.

    "Who's Walter Brennan?"

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    Lots of little things:

    1) great acceleration
    2) the 180 spin move he put on in St Louis
    3) dropping a mirror on his toe in 1979, missing Roger's last reg season game
    4) the phenomenal game he had against the Rams in the 1980 playoffs
    5) his early bout of fumblitis
    6) his long run for a TD vs Philly in 1977
    7) Darrell Green running him down on MNF

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    Did he do music like Mike Jones?


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    Please tell me you know the difference between Jim Jones and Mike Jones? :cool:

    Nice pics everybody...and thanks for the vid link SP.
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    great one!! i love all these stories about his playin, but i was thinkin the same thing...cause to this day i still want to know what and how he dropped somethin on his toe and couldnt play?
    anyone remember the full story to that?

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