Photo: Tony Romo if he was bald

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Dec 6, 2013.

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    Speaking of avatars, we really need a new default one in here. That Rowdy image could make a train take a dirt road.
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  2. jaybird

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    I dont carį»ƒ who you are----Thats funny!
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  3. guag

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    Perhaps we could randomize the default avatar for each new member. I think that would be cool and simple enough to implement (I'm a web developer )
  4. blindzebra

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    Rivers looks like Conrad Janis.[IMG]
  5. Fmart322

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    I thought the Rowdy avatars were a protest or something. We haven't won anything since he became the team mascot.
  6. KJJ

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    With all the theories as to why the Cowboys aren't winning consistently I'm surprised that one hasn't come up yet. You may be on to something.
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  7. rcaldw

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    He is on his way there if you have noticed the comb over recently.
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  8. Chocolate Lab

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    Heh... I heard the Ticket guys one day talking about what was going on with Tony's long hair lately, and one of them speculated he was trying to hide it getting a folilicly challenged.

    Maybe payback for all the times he railed Witten about his hair.
  9. Canadian BoyzFan

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    Was going to post the exact same thing.
  10. Everlastingxxx

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    Thank goodness for the mods and the content they provide. Up next Romo with three eyes! o_O
  11. KJJ

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    Wish he had one in the back of his head that would come in handy.
  12. Redball Express

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    He'd immediately have to grow a -stash and beard with that look.

    Then he'd look pretty intimidating.

    On second thought..

    Do it Romo.

    You could use any help we can get in Chicago.
  13. theSHOW

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    very handsome quarterback we have. :)

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