Recap: Tony Romo Interview on "105.3 The Fan"...Audio Post #7

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by DFWJC, May 21, 2014.

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    Ben and Skin had Romo on The Fan for a good while this evening.
    Mostly just having fun but they got in a bunch of legit questions as well.
    I assume they'll probably post the whole interview audio online at some point.

    Here are some takeaways:

    Cowboy team stuff

    No surprise, he's extra excited about the young team going forward.

    Says that it's no cliché, you absolutely win games in the trenches and they have really upgraded the oline and gotten younger.

    He says Tyron Crawford is going to shock people at how good he is. Says it was a huge loss not having him last year. He's real excited by all the additions on defense and thinks things will be way less comfortable for opposing offenses going forward,

    Says the next 4-5 years will see this franchise get back to being as good or better than they were 6-7 years ago. Said that more than once and sounded real confident in the overall direction.

    He says you win in December, and especially on the road by being able to make the other team play faster than they want due to pressure and by being able to run the ball--especially on the road late in the year.

    They mentioned that Seattle gave up 13 points less per game and had he ever thought what it'd be like to play for another team.

    He said that his home is in Dallas and he plans to live here and raise his kids here. That he's so emotionally invested in the Cowboys and the city to go somewhere with a tailor made team and win a title would not be nearly as fulfilling. He wants to give every once he has to try to get it done here and he thinks it's not a fantasy.
    Then he said it'd be weird to QB a team for a short time, win a title, then come back here (almost like rent-a-QB).

    His health

    He has a pitch count and is on or ahead of schedule, but could not say when he'd be 100%.
    He said proably 100% for training camp, but maybe as early as 2-3 weeks.

    They asked him his thoughts on those, like Babe, who doubted he'd ever be able to play a full season.
    He laughed and made some joke about Babe (who I think he knows fairly well) never getting through a season way back in his day.

    But then seriously, he said what he had was nowhere near as bad as what some others have had, that he knows his body, and has zero doubt he will get back to 100%.
    He said he feels real confident he can play another 5 years and that he even has upside.

    insert the quote...
    Romo responded saying “There’s no question in my mind that not only will I make it though 16 games – I’ll make it through another five years.”

    They mentioned all his injuries and how blindingly painful it must have been to play that SF game with broken ribs and punctured lung...but also to finish that Washington game with the herniated disc. He said they picked the two worst ones. The SF game, he was not supposed to go out there, but he said if you start 0-2 (if they had lost) then it would be a huge uphill battle. Washington was even more a must win, so that had something to with him being dumb enough to play that way.

    He loves Zack Martin. lol

    Again talked of giant difference just a 1/2 second can make.
    Used Peyton Manning as an example....saying he had maybe the best season of any NFL QB in history.
    But Seattle's line dominated and made him speed things up a full second faster than he was used to. They had no chance.

    He's excited (hoping?) that our dline will become that way and our oline will prevent that from happening.

    The Live Event Jinx

    He thought that was real funny.
    I think Ben kind of answered it for him though...saying that he was at the Duke game and they won and was at the OKC closeout game and pulling for them and they won. Romo just laughed..said he's been real lucky thins year...maybe 80% wins.

    Hoops fan

    They were giving him a hard time for liking all the best teams.

    He's a huge Mavs fan, but also like OKC (has family there and he and Durant are fairly close friends) and San Antonio (thinks they are amazing organization, that Pop is amazing, and has always liked Duncan).

    Huge hoops fan.

    Had UConn in all of his March Madness pools this year. Was cracking up, saying he actually won all of the pools this year. Funny and lucky. (We need some that luck)

    Definitely keeps in touch with Dirk and can relate to his path taken to a title.
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    Best thing I will read all night on the Internet. Signing off and picking up a good book to read. Thank you for this thread.

    Mods, can it be closed now before It Happens?
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    Cool read, when the audio comes up someone should post link. :)
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    I don't care what anyone says. I love having Tony Romo as the quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys.
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    It is in now.
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    I will never understand why some fans seem to have this personal dislike for tony. Not just as a player, fumbled snap, blah blah, but as a person..dude was an undrafted free agent, not a ryan leaf first round pic. the guy has never done anything but be a professional. i hope he.s head coach one day, he.s the type that could be imo.
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    Thank you for that - it was great. And I gotta say a tip of the hat to Zordon for liking it, when I think we're all waiting for the first disparaging post about Tony.
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    I think by now, most of us know where each of us stands on the player.

    Unlike some, Z is fully capable of taking the high road.

    We already have plenty of threads for people to let off steam regarding various Romo topics.

    This was just reporting and not opinion..
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    I like Romo personally. I will always prefer a more vocal leader but I like him personally and the fact that he gives back to community and is very visible around town. What's done is done, my guy Manziel is in Cleveland. The organization is behind Romo for the foreseeable future, so I got to get behind him. That being said, ON PAPER, this offense has no excuse to not put up 2007 types of numbers this year. Oline is the truth, the 2nd tight end is there, it looks like we're going to be deep at receiver and running back and we finally have an aggressive coordinator. CZ wants Romo friendly, this is pretty damn close. It's time now to put it together and get in the playoffs...EVEN if the defense is just slightly better than last year, the offense should be good enough to overcome them more often than not. I have very high expectations for Romo this year.
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    That's all these guys do is talk. Romo,Jerry, Garrett and Witten. they talk a great game. andf they keep right on losing. missed the playoffs 5 out of the last 6 years. i don't want to hear them talk. prove it on the field by winning.
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    Fair enough and I agree!
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    Not buying the UCONN story Tony. LOL I know several die hard UCONN fans who had them winning 1 maybe 2 games. Picking them to win the tourney was as crazy as a Cowboy fan picking the Boys to go on a Super Bowl run last yar with Orton at QB.

    Great interview though.
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    Darn. They didn't ask him the real telling question about his enormous weight problem and what he thought about the CZ minions and their relentless concern for that flabby lower back.
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    Some folks just love to hate because they get a reaction, i.e. attention.
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    His comments about Crawford are interesting. He definitely gave him a big cosign. Mickey says Crawford is a workout warrior, never leaves Valley Ranch. I'm glad DeMarcus Lawrence will be following his lead.
  18. DFWJC

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    You actually think he made that story up. Unprovoked. Just flat out lied?

    Has he even seemed like someone that would that ?

    On live radio, where he could easily be busted, you think he is a liar.

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    They are. You can always tell, when other players talk a guy up, there's something going on there. That was pretty apparent from OTAs last year, and I'm not just talking about Hatcher's comments.
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    Tony Romo signals his recovery is on track
    Posted by Mike Wilkening on May 21, 2014, 8:20 PM EDT

    In multiple interviews with Dallas-Fort Worth media outlets Wednesday, Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo indicated he was recovering well from December back surgery.

    Romo told 105.3 FM “The Fan” in Dallas-Fort Worth that he expected to be back to full strength “within the next month.”

    “Hopefully it’s in the next week or two, which is a viable and serious time that it actually could happen in,” Romo told 105.3 FM. “You know, it could be another two or three weeks. We’ll see here. We’ll be smart in OTAs, but at the same point, we’ve got to get to work.”

    Longer term, the 34-year-old Romo signaled Wednesday he believes he can hold up physically in 2014 and beyond.

    “There’s no question in my mind: not only am I going to be able to make it through 16 games, I’ll make it through another five years,” Romo told 105.3 FM.

    Read more:

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