Tony Romo is going to be extended...

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by dragon_mikal, Dec 31, 2012.

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    Tony makes this team relevant. Whose fault was with the Saints.Btw,what abouts leading the Giants by 10 with 5 minutes last year.Jerry has the big tent and that is all that matters.
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    To help Romo, we need 5 All-Pro linemen - another pro-bowl type receiver - an Adrian Peterson type running back - the 85 bears defense - and Tom Landry - Then we'll need to for teams to score no more than 7 points a game with us, and the defense scores at least 2 touch downs a game.

    In other words, we're doomed.
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    Although Jerry invested pretty good in two bad guards, I think it is imperative that we upgrade the offensive line. They did start to play better towards the end of the year, but lest we forget how bad they were for the better part of the first 10 games of the year? They were so bad it cost us ballgames.

    I think Tony Romo would flourish with a good offensive line. I think he would be great with a good running game. When has he ever had both?

    This defense has some good young players to be excited about. The only problem they have is creating turnovers. We need to address the Dline with a punishing blue chip nose tackle among other things.

    I was not impressed with Garrett's offensive gameplan last night. It was horrible. As much as I want Garrett gone, I need to just get over it because he isnt going anywhere. We can only hope that he can get with it and make the changes necessary.
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    I would say Shanahan designed a defense just for this match-up that we couldn't counter with the OL we had on the field. It won't work next year because we will be ready, and hopefully have a better line.

    I think if we can get the necessary improvements, the experience the backups got this year will be a major plus in getting us into the playoffs and beyond next season. I hope Jerry extends Romo during the off-season so we don't have to deal with a lame duck QB next year. I don't buy into Romo being a choker. He isn't the first QB to throw three ints with someone in his face every play. He makes mistakes, but I'm convinced if we get him some blocking and a D that can play and stay healthy, we'll get our Super Bowl.
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    Holy overreaction Batman.
  6. CliffnMesquite

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    Over a roasting pit?
  7. Yoshimitsu

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    It's everybody's fault but Romo's. That's what I get out of these threads. Romo always needs better this and better that.
  8. dragon_mikal

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    No one said it wasn't Romo's fault. He had a huge part in Sunday's loss...

    But are you trying to imply that this team is fine how it is? That Romo and the team in general couldn't go farther with a better OL, running game and signal caller? I think you'd have to be just as blind as those who refuse to criticize Romo if you held such an opinion.
  9. NickZepp

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    People thought the same thing 13 years ago about the end of the Aikman run. People think it's bad at QB with Romo. You aren't old enough to remember 2000-2005.
  10. NickZepp

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    Romo should get all the blame for the bad throws he had in that game. But overall this team has more fish to fry than Romo and we could be a lot worse off than Romo. The Jets, Jaguars, Chiefs, Bills, Vikings, Browns, Titans, Raiders, Buccaneers, and Cardinals would take a guy like Romo right now.
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    I don't know if everybody else feels the same way, but my opinion is that there has never been a quarterback in the past 2 decades that you could not understand less. It is amazing to go through a whole season and watch a great qb(in my opinion), then watch a qb that suddenly seems to choke at the end. It is so tough to get rid of him because you know what he can be, but there is no way to know if he is gonna change into a great playoff qb. I don't think you can get rid of him because he still seems like one of the best regular season qb's, but it is extremely bizarre to watch a guy just fall apart when it matters most because you have no answer for that, it is just something you have to hope he figured out.
  13. Stinger_Splash

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    Romo needs all the help he can get and more. However, he would still choke with an all pro roster behind him. When will people realize that this guy is a loser. He can't even win a do or die game in the regular season. He is a loser and he has been a loser since his high school days. He always falls short in the big moments. He lacks the mental toughness to come up big in the big games.
  14. Vanilla2

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    I'm curious how many of you who want Romo gone have actually set aside your agenda and take an objective look at what the guy does for this team.

    I'm not talking to the posters who are venting their anger over the game last night. It's aimed at posters like juck, newlander and the others I see constantly pushing their agenda that I am forgetting off the top of my head.

    I'm really upset at Romo but at the same time I see this team doesn't need another glaring hole to fill this offseason.

    Imo This isn't the year to try to find a franchise QB because you want to. I don't even think its the type of year to find one if you have to.

    My hope is that the trenches get addressed this off season because a stonger performing o line means the team will be a stronger running team taking some of the load off Romo.
  15. Vanilla2

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    You must be one of the most mentally tough never fail types of people out there.

    Tell us your secrets.
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    go back and see it.
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    who gets him... To those who think Romo will be extended I just laugh. Romo does not have to accept an extension in Dallas. He is signed thru next year and scheduled to make close to 17mil. He can sit on that number and force the Cowboys hand to franchise him or release him. If I was his agent, I would make the Cowboys choose... Romo does not have to extend and frankly I wouldn't with the sorry team. Besides, Romo might decide to just play for the 17mil and then retire. If Romo chooses, he can force the Boys to pay or release. I choose release for Romo....
  18. Blast From The Past

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    We need to get him a vaulted running game so play action works in his favor more often than not.
  19. Silverstar

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    Enough not to get sacked more than 36 times in 2011 and 2012.
  20. reddyuta

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    Giving him a big contract will be a huge mistake,i really feel the cowboys and romo need a divorce.

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