Tony Romo playing indoor soccer

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by rat2k8, Jan 13, 2013.

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    Fans want players to sit on the couches for the winter. Then cry about them being out of shape come training camp
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  3. DFWJC

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    You would think fans would like that he's active...and not just stupid jogging on a treadmill, but using coordination and agility.
  4. Doomsday101

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    You would think that. I want Romo and other player to be active during the off season and keep the competitive fire going. There are so many problems I see for players during the off season and trouble these players get into. For anyone to complain about Romo or any other player being active in athletic competition during their off season is unreal.
  5. dallasfan4lizife

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    I've lost all faith in this guy. I want him gone.

    thanks for nothing loser
  6. ufcrules1

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    Welcome to the club. Only a couple years left before others realize it too and we can move on.
  7. 5StarComboBreaker

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    This. typically middling 8-8 teams don't have fairweather fans
  8. bounce

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    Yeah. and then back to the years of Quincy Carter, Chad Hutchinson, Vinny Testeverde, Drew Bledsoe, Drew Henson, Tony Banks, Clint Stoerner.

    I'll agree that the FO should draft a QB every year and start looking for his successor, but to act like we'd suddenly be better without Tony Romo is asinine, at best.

    The QBs that would be good enough to replace him, or be a step up, are all on other teams. They're not sitting around looking for work.
  9. Muhast

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    Philly, Vikings, browns, titans
  10. ufcrules1

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    Why does it have to be back to the years of those crappy QB's? Why can't we find a Kaepernick, Wilson, Dalton, Luck, RG3, Cousins, etc? Is it really asinine to think we can get a decent QB in the 2014 draft? The only thing asinine are those who keep spouting the same things over and over like parrots about us going back to the days of crappy QB's. As if it is impossible to find a quality QB and move on from Romo. Not sure what some of you see in him.. he just literally gave away our chance to get into the playoffs by throwing 3 bone headed interceptions against Washington. The dude is a choker under pressure.

    Our team would not be better right off the bat without Romo NOBODY said that, but we could trade him and possibly get a #1 pick which we could use to help build our trenches and strengthen our team for the near future. Then we grab a QB in the 2014 draft.
  11. ufcrules1

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    None of those teams want Romo.
  12. Aikmaniac

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    Good stuff. Please post more.
  13. StanleySpadowski

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    Don't complain about that avatar. It's the easiest way to recognize a moron to add to the ignore list.
  14. ware1manarmy

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    kaepernick, dalton, cousins? you can't possibly be serious, I'll give you luck but who wouldn't. he is young and special. romo played bad against the skins thats for sure but you really need to get your head checked. good qb's don't grow on trees. you should be happy we have a franchise qb
  15. cowboys2233

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    Isn't it funny that of all the QBs you've named, only one (Kaepernick, or King Tut, whichever you prefer) has actually won a playoff game? I thought winning a playoff game was how you define whether a QB is good enough? So how can you suggest these guys are better than Romo when they haven't done anything at the next level? Oh, and Dalton has a QB rating of 48.6 in his two playoff games. 48.6. And yet, he's a future star? Cousins? The guy has one good game and he's as good as gold all of the sudden?

    This is more sound reasoning!
  16. bounce

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    The reason we can't grab a Luck or RG3, is because the Cowboys haven't gone 1-15 or 2-14 and had a shot to get those once in a generation prospects. Wilson wasn't supposed to be this good this early, and Kaepernick surprised everyone.

    And Cousins? He hasn't done a dang thing, yet. Kevin Kolb syndrome at it's finest.

    So, Romo is either terrible or he'd net a first rounder in a trade -- which is it?
  17. Wolf2k5

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    It's now officially the off season. Was wondering when a "tony romo should be practicing for next year not havin a life" post would turn up
  18. Kristen82

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    Don't get why a team would give up a #1 for a 1-year rental of Romo, esp. given how quickly (some) QB's seem to be able to be developed now. A few years of a young QB who'll be cheap for awhile under a rookie contract, or 1 year of Romo - know which one I'd take.
  19. BraveHeartFan

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    This really isn't new news as I am pretty sure we had a thread about this either last off season or a couple off seasons ago where people posted pictures of him in the indoor league.
  20. cowboyjoe

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    I will say it, and will say it again, now that Cowboys season is over, this is romo's time to do what he wants. But when offseason conditioning starts, it should be dallas cowboys football and nothing else, period.

    This is in my opinion where romo fails and doesnt realize. Now that the players have more time off of march and april conditioning, its up to the leader of your team to be sure players are in shape, ready to play, get timing down.

    Thats up to the leader of the team, your QB on offense.

    Example, last yr, players got the cba new rule where u didnt have to practicer enough like in years past. We saw the results in Miles Austin having hamstring issues all year, felix postponed his surgery till later, so did Mc the OG, who will be a center this yr. Its up to the QB to see that their in shape, practice, etc... If the leader of the team is off running around doing other things during offseason conditioning, then why shouldnt the other players run around too. Thats the final solution to romo taking the next step. Sure I said romo is elite qb and he is, but if he had spent that extra time last yr, making sure timing and route running was down with ogletree, austin, and dez some, you might have seen better results.

    Peyton Manning saw that this was done when he won his superbowl and competing against the patriots in that 3-4 year run of championship games. You leave no stone unturned if your the leader-QB.

    Staubach did this with drew pearson first year drew was a rookie, and it payed off. Staubach spent that exta time with drew and other wrs, getting to know them after practice was done, etc, especially during offseason programs.

    Till Romo gets that in his head, this team isnt going anywhere. I have spoken my peace.

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