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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by TheEnigma, Dec 20, 2005.

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    Most of us would agree that the O-line is our biggest weakness right now. I have seen quite a few people state that Parcells has lost his eye for good o-lineman. I don't think its that, I think Sporano is a big reason for our struggles on the line. For some reason, our ability to run the ball has dropped alot from the end of last year. If he is the guy who taught Witten how to run block during his time as TE coach, then I don't think he has any business being the O-line coach.
  2. ZRO

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    its a mixture of parcells' eye for o-lineman and parcells' strategy in hiring coaches, both suck.
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    Or it could be that the guys he picked had major injuries -- Johnson, Peterman -- is that his fault? They are a year behind in their development at this point. What about the other injuries, Flo, Rivera? His fault too? What about that deadweight Allen who he had to keep around to make Jerry happy? His fault?

    Honestly, I don't think that you can say it is the fault of coaching -- we've had guys who are great OL coaches here -- and they produced awful lines. Wasn't that a Hudson Hauck unit that got Aikman brain damaged? Right now the current staff is working with too little -- we lost the two guys we projected to be our starting OTs -- you might deal with the loss of 1 guy but both. Come on, no coach can do anything with that.
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    He's the one who drafted Johnson, Rodgers, Peterman. He's the one who gave Rivera an insanely huge contract, ultimately the problem is on his shoulders. INJURIES aren't the problem though, Rivera has been terrible this year and Johnson blows whenever he's not injured.
  5. scottsp

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    These same issues were at hand before Sporano took over as OL coach. Ain't sayin he's not part of the problem. Frankly, I don't know for certain. But it's obvious this goes deeper than the current position head.
  6. silver

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    Can Soporano line up? Why coaches always seem to get fired when a top player goes down with injury. I can't understand it.
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    I've said it for 3 weeks - Sporano must go
  8. Alexander

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    We have had one injury. ONE to Flozell Adams. Otherwise, we have exactly the same unit that we were starting the season with.

    New England lost their starting center (Dan Koppen) and their starting left tackle (Matt Light), yet their QB does not get his head ripped off by the likes of the Washington Redskins.

    Nobody is saying the injuries don't count. But quality coaches can adapt to them.
  9. silver

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    yes he does. brady has been under constant pressure all year. don't discount jacob rogers injury/lack of huevos, and rivera's back injury
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    BP's eye for talent along the O-line has to be called into question- ryan young, al johnson, rivera, rogers, peterman, his faith in tucker......... this is a trend. a better question to ask is what o-lineman has he drafted or signed that has performed well? the answer is none.
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    Sparano doesn't impress me a bit. His impressive resume from New Haven doesn't exactly give me a warm fuzzy.

    OL and Running game stink this year. Some of the blame has to go to the OL/Running game coordinator.
  12. Kilyin

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    Please. Bledsoe is now 2nd place in the entire NFL for most sacked QB with 39 sacks. Brady has been sacked 23. If you look at the last 5 games especially, there's no comparison.
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    sporano heads up the teams weakest unit. i'd say he's over-employed right now. bump him back down and let the search for a replacement begin.

    sporano's bums can't hold down a snap count - much less the fort. they look like a bank of turnstiles. it's gotten so bad it almost looks deliberate. they make me wanna punt on first down.

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