Too Much to Drink, Perhaps?

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    Naked Intruder Found Inside South Strabane Home

    SOUTH STRABANE TOWNSHIP (KDKA) ― A 29-year-old Washington County man faces charges of burglary and forced entry after South Strabane police say he broke into a private residence on Sanitarium Road.

    Authorities said after the break-in things really got bizarre. Anthony Kushner took his clothes off, showered, ate food out of the refrigerator and then he fell asleep naked on a couch.

    The woman who lives there came home and noticed that her front window was open and saw Kushner in the house. She called her husband and 911.

    Kushner told police that he didn't remember anything after being at a bar earlier the same night.

    KDKA's Ralph Iannotti went to the home where Kushner lives with his parents, but no one answered the door.

    The man whose house was burglarized says Kushner left his home in a mess, with food and clothes strewn about.

    He told KDKA-TV it took him and his wife most of the night to clean up the mess. He says his wife was left shaken and frightened by the incident.
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    heh This kid that used to live down the street from me did this exact thing to my next door neighbor. He broken into their house, showered, ate and slept in their bed. (they were on vacation) He probably would have never gotten caught, except the fact that he never left their house. He was still there three days later when they came home! :laugh2:

    He literally just moved into to their house! (he was running away from home) :lmao2:

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