Top 3 Surprises in Round 1

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Wulfman, Apr 26, 2012.

  1. Wulfman

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    I know we all do a lot of mock drafts, and even those who don't do them look at a ton of them. There's also rampant speculation that sometimes borders on insanity. So with that said, aside from the Cowboys moving up to get Claiborne, what were the three biggest surprises tonight?

    For me, it looks like this:

    1) Bruce Irvin at #15 - what the heck is Pete Carroll thinking?!? I thought he'd take a chance on a low motor guy like Coples...didn't see someone with this many red flags making it into the first round.

    2) A. J. Jenkins to the 49ers. I saw a lot of mocks that had them taking a WR, but none that had Jenkins. I had at least 3 WRs rated higher than him on my board.

    3) Courtney Upshaw not being picked in the first round. This just makes no sense. Even if a 3-4 team doesn't think he can stand up and play OLB, 4-3 teams with a DE need should have been all over him. Did the off-the-field incident earlier in his college career come back to bite him?
  2. The Ominous

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    Wright to the Titans. They should have went DE.
  3. dwight

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    Dont be surprise if Pete gets fired in a year or two. He almost ruined the Pats. years ago.
  4. Staxxxx

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    3) DeCastro sliding to 25
  5. Wulfman

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    That was a little further than I had him sliding, but I had him falling to #18. It's just that prejudice against the guard position in the first round.
  6. cdewsxzaq

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    Ingram sliding to 18. I didn't think he would mqke out of the top 10.
  7. Aikbach

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    Carrol will return to a major Division 1A program in two years time to do what he loves, he's just waiting for the right opening and for the USC probation to end as not to be fresh in minds.

    But watch him go either Pac-12, Big 12, or SEC in two years time.
  8. Staxxxx

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    I had him at 18 as well but I thought someone might trade up to get him. Maybe I should have said the Oline snub in general. Only one in the first 22 picks.
  9. Wulfman

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    That speaks more to the lack of quality OTs in this draft than anything else, in my mind. After Kalil, there was a significant dropoff.
  10. jcollins28

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    Rumors are that Arkansas has already contacted him

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