Top 5 things I couldn't stand this season

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by ghst187, Jan 1, 2006.

  1. ghst187

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    #5 our kicking game, seriously Doug Flutie would've kicked better for us :puke:

    #4 getting beaten by teams with inferior rosters/personnel (twice by the foreskins) :puke:

    #3 getting outcoached all season. Offensive playcalling was atrocious about 12 games of 16. Defensive playcalling was equally uninspiring. When we blitz, we still can't get to the QB. Piss poor 2 minute defense, doesn't matter if we know they're gonna throw it deep or not, we still let them get behind us for the deep balls :ralph:

    #2 Inability to run the ball in about 11 of 16 games. Lesser teams with lesser backs and bad OLs run the ball better than we have this year. We should be able to fall forward for 2-3 yards even with 8 guys in the box. :ralph:

    #1 Watching VERY mediocre DE's do 3, 4, or even more QB sack dances in one game against us. We made some no name DEs look like candidates for players of the year, a lot of them we doubled or even tripled their season sack totals in one game. :ralph:

    *Added bonus: all the freakin penalties. Ridiculous, false starts, holding, botched snaps, defensive holding, roughing the passer...hurt. It was amazing on offense how many 3rd and 10+ we were able to pick up. Of course, we were in that situation more than most too. :ralph: :shatfan: :puke: :ralph: :shatfan: :puke: :shootme:
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    that about sums it up, nice job.
  3. big_neil

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    I agree. There were far too many serious problems with this team to enter the playoffs with any chance of winning. Unless they can work out all of the above, it doesn't matter who the QB is. That Drew played as well as he did this year with that O-Line is surprising.
  4. Hostile

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    He missed his all time QB rating. Hope you have lots of Kleenex.
  5. Nerm

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    For me

    1. RT play
    2. FG kicker play

    Put average players at kicker and RT and Dallas is resting it's starters tonight and taking another week off for the bye

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