Top 85 free agents: Mike Wallace heads best available

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    This year's free-agent crop is a lot like this year's draft class: It's not that exciting at the top, but there is better depth than usual.

    Ranked below: My top 85 free agents set to hit the market. Why 85? I want to leave room to add players who will get cut before free agency starts on March 12. This will be an ever-changing list until then. The New York Giants, for instance, took potential top-20 free-agent tackle Will Beatty off the market with a long-term contract. Guys like Joe Flacco and Ryan Clady won't be available in the end, but we're listing all free agents until a player is re-signed or franchise tagged.

    This is not a list of the 85 players who will make the most money. It's the list of players I'd want, divided into five tiers.

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