Top players left for rounds 6 and 7

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by CanadaBoys, Apr 30, 2006.

  1. morasp

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    Sounds like a good candidate with versatility played every position in college. consistent and works hard. Knee bender in pass protection. Run blocking kept him out of day one.
  2. Rogerthat12

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    Jolly just went to list.
  3. sadams

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    I called the Stenavick pick 2 months ago. This guy is a monster and Michigan is an offensive tackle powerhouse. This guy can play. He is at least as good as Petiti.
  4. Word Mofo

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    McNeal off the board too.
  5. jbsg02

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    kai parham, jovon bouknight, anwat philips, slay, freddie roach, aaron harris, fred matua...
  6. rw54

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    Frank Davis G South Florida
  7. dallasfaniac

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    I'm with you on Stenavich. Full time starter at left OT, but has the ability to man multiple positions (not at the same time, lol). I really hope we grab this kid.
  8. DawnOfANewD

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    You know we have had a great draft when we're still anxious and excited about who we might get in the 7th round lol :).

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