Top Prospect of Week 9: Stanford DE/OLB Trent Murphy

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by dart, Oct 30, 2013.

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    Top Prospect of Week 9: Stanford DE/OLB Trent Murphy
    At 6-foot-6, 261 pounds, Stanford's Murphy is an imposing figure. As he demonstrated in dominating fashion against Oregon State in a primetime Pac-12 showdown October 26,'s top-rated senior defensive end is also powerful, surprisingly athletic and instinctive.

    Alternately lining up as a stand-up outside linebacker or as hand-in-the-dirt defensive end, Murphy recorded eight tackles in the 20-12 victory over the Beavers, including 3.5 for loss. Of those, 2.5 were sacks. Murphy also knocked down a pass, blocked an extra point and hurried Oregon State quarterback Sean Mannion on two other occasions, helping to limit the Maxwell Award finalist to season lows in QB rating (117.1), passing yardage (271) and touchdowns (one) despite attempting more passes (57) than in any other game this year. For his efforts Murphy was named the Pac-12's Defensive Player of the Week.

    It wasn't just his conference taking note of Murphy's performance, however. Talent evaluators on hand for the game couldn't help but draw comparisons to Houston Texans' star J.J. Watt for Murphy's ability to impact the game in so many ways.

    Like the reigning NFL Defensive Player of the Year, Murphy is at his best attacking the quarterback. While not truly explosive off the snap, Murphy's long legs help him cover ground quickly and he shows surprising flexibility to dip and close around the corner for a man of his size. This body control and length also allows Murphy to consistently defeat the cut blocks which render most players of his height ineffective. Murphy quickly reacts to cut blocks, showing the hand usage to knock would-be blockers to the ground, as well as the flexibility to sprawl and quickly recover.
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    He is a Jared Allen clone. Sign me up. Better yet, in a perfect world, we somehow get him and Ra'Shede Hageman in Rounds 1&2.
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    I like him. Will he be there between 15-20 when we pick?
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    Love this kid, he's a beast. My only concern is that he gets viewed as a top 3-4 OLB prospect and goes top 15. The versatility. athleticism, and motor he has is going to make him 1 heck of an NFL player imo.
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    I watched him 1 time and was not Impressed - he looked slow to me was not a factor in the game - an to be so widely thought of you think he make a play in every game - I am like tm119 I think he will be better OLB than a DE in 4-3 - JMO
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    If we could some how get 2 of the following Hageman, Tuitt, or Murphy that would be a dream. Talk about size.

    Add Ware and Hatcher and another DT free agent the Dline is all of a sudden much better.
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    Yeah, he might be working his way up to a top 15 pick.
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    He, along with the entire Stanford D-Line, are dominating Oregon's O-Lin right now in this game. Complete domination. They're getting to Mariotta every single time he drops back, or he's running for his life. He looks really good in this game, but so does everyone else on their line of I'm going to assume Oregon's O-Line is just really bad.
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    I wouldn't mind that at all myself! Heck throw in David Shaw as head coach and I'd be thrilled!
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    Trent Murphy seems like an average athlete with above average technique and motor for a college player.

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