TO's TD and Aikman props

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by jazzcat22, Nov 24, 2006.

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    I'm sure this has been discussed yesterday or today. But on limited time here.

    What did everyone think of TO's TD, and dropping the ball in the Salvation Army bucket. I thought it was pretty good. No over celebrating, just put the ball in. They (Salvation Army) should put it on E-Bay and get the money for donations for it. And the high bidder gets a tax write off.

    Aikman. He really gave the Cowboys, and Romo some very good props yesterday.
    One comment, was how he said he is not so sure tha the Cowboys are the best team in the NFC right now the way they are playing.
    And the comment about what Bledsoe told him last year when Troy asked him about Romo. Bledsoe said, I hope I don't get injurd, I may not get my job back. And that was last year.

    Good job by Troy yesterday, gave us props, but didn't gush like a homer.
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    I thought it was the best Cowboy commentating that Troy has ever done. I've always thought that Troy made too much of an efftort to detach himself from us during the broadcast. He was darn near beaming. He wasn't Playmaker beaming but give him time :)

    I don't believe TO was hurt on the TD pass. I believe he was embarrased and ashamed he dropped the TD pass and looked for a way out. The first drop the pass was short and low. Tony said something about he didn't know where TO was going so thats why that ball wasn't where it should have been (or something to that affect). TO has bad hands. Simple as that.

    Terrell should get credit for catching the balls over the middle where some guys would never go. Terrell's passess gets over analyzed, but he bought it on himself.

    I like to focus on the things I see him doing well: like encouraging his teammates ... clapping when they make good plays; helping them off the ground; smacking Romo on the helmet after the game (giving him the atta boy). Becoming a part of the team concept. To me, that's the biggest thing.
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    Funny as well was Joe Buck gushing over Romo's, post game chat - turkey trophy presentation when he was asking about him and Jessica Simpson... Romo said something like Bill P. was out with her the weekend prior... Funny stuff as Romo just did an aw shucks, get out of here... Can't fathom how some people are regarding him as cocky and arrogant... I'm glad the Cowboys are having fun again.

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