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Tracking Down the 32 Biggest NFL Draft Busts

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by jimmy40, Apr 24, 2009.

  1. jimmy40

    jimmy40 Well-Known Member

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    Postby Lost Lettermen » Wed Apr 22, 2009 3:11 pm

    1. Ryan Leaf - 1998 Draft, 2nd overall (Chargers), Washington State: Recently resigned as West Texas A&M QB coach; living in Amarillo, TX.

    2. Tony Mandarich – 1989 Draft, 2nd overall (Packers), Michigan State: Runs Mandarich Media Group in Scottsdale, AZ.

    3. Brian Bosworth – 1987 Supplemental Draft, 1st Round (Seahawks), Oklahoma: Works in real estate in Malibu, CA. Recently made news saving someone’s life with CPR and getting arrested for DUI.

    4. Art Schlichter – 1982 Draft, 4th overall (Colts), Ohio State: Runs Gambling Prevention Awareness organization in hometown of Washington Court House, OH.

    5. Todd Marinovich – 1991 Draft, 24th overall (Raiders), USC: In jail awaiting May 4th court date after violating probation.

    6. Lawrence Phillips – 1996 Draft, 6th overall (Rams), Nebraska: Serving 10-year jail sentence in California State Prison for attempting to run over teenagers with car after pickup football game in LA.

    7. Charles Rogers - 2003 Draft, 2nd overall (Lions), Michigan State: Serving 30-day jail sentence in Pontiac, Michigan after testing positive for alcohol and falsified records saying he attended Alcoholic Anonymous meetings.

    8. Kelly Stouffer – 1987 Draft, 6th overall (Cardinals), Colorado State: Analyst for Versus, resides in Fort Collins, Colorado and Rushville, Nebraska.

    9. Heath Shuler – 1994 Draft, 3rd overall (Redskins), Tennessee: Member of U.S. House of Representatives (D-North Carolina).

    10. Mike Junkin – 1987 Draft, 5th overall (Browns), Duke: Hasn’t been heard from in over a decade. All we know is he resides in Doylestown, PA north of Philly.

    11. Tim Couch – 1999 Draft, 1st overall (Browns), Kentucky: Analyst for Big Blue Sports Network residing in Lexington, KY. Oh yeah, and still married to former Playboy Playmate Heather Kozar.

    12. Akili Smith – 1999 Draft, 3rd overall (Bengals), Oregon: Resides in San Diego, CA and works in real estate. Been sober for 16 months.

    13. Andre Ware – 1990 Draft, 7th overall (Lions), Houston: College football analyst for ESPN residing in Sugar Land, TX.

    14. Blair Thomas – 1990 Draft, 2nd overall (Jets), Penn State: Resides in King of Prussia, PA, owning a bar and a volunteer coach for Football University in Barrow, Alaska. Yes, you read that correctly.

    15. Steve Emtman – 1992 Draft, 1st overall (Colts), Washington: Works in real estate in Spokane Valley, WA and volunteer defensive line coach for af2’s Spokane Shock.

    16. Ki-Jana Carter – 1995 Draft, 1st overall (Bengals), Penn State: Resides near Miami, FL.

    17. David Klinger – 1992 Draft, 6th overall (Bengals), Houston: Adjunct professor at Dallas Theological seminary in Houston campus

    18. Aundray Bruce – 1988 Draft, 1st overall (Falcons), Auburn: Resides in Pensacola, FL. Niece is a college basketball player.

    19. Derek Brown – 1992 Draft, 14th overall (Giants), Notre Dame: Owns 3 Quizno’s and lives in Rexford, NY.

    20. Andre Wadsworth - 1998 Draft, 3rd overall (Cardinals), Florida State: After failed comeback in 2007, lives in Scottsdale, AZ. Owns 6 car dealerships in Florida.

    21. Jerry Tagge – 1972 Draft, 11th overall (Packers), Nebraska: Financial advisor living in Omaha, NE. Hey isn’t that where that Buffett guy lives?

    22. Jim Druckenmiller – 1997 Draft, 26th overall (49ers), Virginia Tech: LexisNexis rep living in Memphis, TN.

    23. Peter Warrick – 2000 Draft, 4th overall (Bengals), Florida State: Owner of Appleebee’s in Sarasota and residing in Atlanta, signed in January with Bloomington Extreme of Indoor Football League.

    24. Keith McCants – 1990 Draft, 4th overall (Buccaneers), Alabama: Arrested and tasered over a year ago, now broke living in Mobile, AL.

    25. Tim Worley – 1989 Draft, 7th overall (Steelers), Georgia: Also arrested and tasered about a year ago, recently turned his life around as a mentor for HopeQuest Ministry Group.

    26. Curtis Enis – 1998 Draft, 5th overall (Bears), Penn State: That’s Officer Enis to you; he’s now a cop in the Miami County Sheriff’s Office and lives in Fletcher, OH.

    27. Courtney Brown – 2000 Draft, 1st overall (Browns), Penn State: After being cut by Broncos in 2007, still lives in Colorado.

    28. Cade McNown – 1999 Draft, 12th overall (Bears), UCLA: Senior VP for real estate company in Orange County, CA.

    29. Bo Matthews – 1974 Draft, 2nd overall (Chargers), Colorado: Tragically losing his son - also a star college football player - in 2006, Bo runs a non-profit community development center in Denver, CO.

    30. Rick Mirer – 1993 Draft, 2nd overall (Seahawks), Notre Dame: Retired and living in San Diego, coaches his son’s Pop Warner team. No pressure, kid!

    31. Trev Alberts - 1994 Draft, 5th overall (Colts), Nebraska: Resides in Atlanta, GA as an analyst for CBS College Sports but on the verge of being the new Nebraska-Omaha Athletic Director.

    32. Rashaan Salaam – 1995 Draft, 21st overall (Bears), Colorado: 1994 Heisman Trophy winner Back in hometown of San Diego, CA, he organizes martial arts fights in China.
  2. AmarilloCowboyFan

    AmarilloCowboyFan Well-Known Member

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    Haha, I don't know if he is still living here or not. He apparently asked a student for some pain pills of something like that. Actually kinda sucks though cause I believe he was doing a great job for WT as the QB coach, they have a great team these days.

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