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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by tm1119, Dec 1, 2012.

  1. tm1119

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    Trade back to mid to late 20's (24-29). If I have to try and guess to who or why I'll say its to a good team like the Packers or Bears who need an OT and want Matthews/Fisher. We receive an extra 2nd round pick in the trade.

    1st round- Barret Jones, OC/OG Bama- Starts day 1 at either C or G without question. Its that simple. The guy is a beast and would do wonders on our line.

    2nd Round- Kawann Short, DT/DE Purdue- Between Short, Sharrif Floyd, and Sylvester Williams I think 1 drops this far and I pick anyone of them here. I have Short because he's my personal favorite of the group. Huge guy at 6'3 315 with a giant wing span and surprising quickness. Great at getting penetration and when he doesn't he bats a lot of passes down. Has some consistency issues, but as an all around athlete I like the value here.

    2nd Round- Brandon Jenkins OLB FSU- This would be a typical Jerry pick here, and I would love it. 6'3 260 with a great 1st step and an arsenal of pass rush moves. If he wasnt injured he would probably be a top 20 pick, but here he has great value as long as the injury isnt a big red flag.

    3rd Round- Baccari Rambo S Georgia - Ball hawking FS. Great athlete and has a nose for the ball. Always in the picture around the ball. Has some character concerns, but from what I understand it was just the typical stupid college kid with pot. I can look past that personally.

    4th Round- Omoregie Uzzi OG Georgia Tech- 2x all ACC OG who fits our zone scheme nicely. Not the biggest or strongest guy and 305, but he has good feet and great starting experience. He could challenge for a starting spot quickly I believe.

    5th Round- Dennis Johnson RB Arkansas- Has been a bit overshadowed due to bigger names at Arkansas, but he has shined when he has gotten opportunities. Averaging 6 YPC in over 350 career rushes in the SEC is pretty impressive. Also, has good hands out of the backfield and was the primary kick returner for Arkansas as well. Could be a late round sleeper as a useful and versatile back.

    6th Round- Joe Vellano DE Maryland- 6'2 285 guy with one of the highest motors you'll ever see. Not the biggest or most physically gifted guy but his production has been very impressive despite that. Had 94 tackles as a Jr playing DT, and now has 14 TFL and 6 sacks as a 3-4 DE in his Sr year. Would make a good rotational high motor guy on our d-line.
  2. danielofthesaints

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    Good luck getting a 2nd. I think a 3rd is more plausible.
  3. Eskimo

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    It depends on where we end up getting slotted. If we are around #14 then a drop to #24 could definitely net us an extra second rounder.
  4. patrickstillhere

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    I think we should get another OLineman for the extra 2nd rounder.
  5. CopenhagenCowboy

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  6. Prossman

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    Two offensive lineman and a safety would fill needs weve been having for 5 years, the rest is gravy. like it
  7. Oh_Canada

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    That would be an awesome draft.
  8. tm1119

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    That's more or less what I figured the trade back would be. We would actually be getting a slightly worse deal by a little over 100 points according to the trade value chart.
  9. danielofthesaints

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    True. That's a lot of spots to drop for acquiring a late second rounder though. Hopefully the team we trade with has another 2nd rd pick in the first half of the 2nd round if this is the case.
  10. xwalker

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    Nice mock if you replace Short with Williams, Floyd or an OLineman like Holmes. Players with questionable effort (motor) are immediately off my list...see MartyB.

    People will say that the trade chart is "outdated" or "not what teams really use", but it is a good basis for mock drafts, IMO.

    Here is the version that I use:
  11. a_minimalist

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    I hope we address the OL heavily in FA with this draft.
  12. kirkjrk

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    Then with the 24th pick we could trade back to the 30th and get a 3rd round pick and still select in the first round. Wouldn't an extra 2 & 3 be great?
  13. RS12

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    I'd rather have Dallas Thomas and Khaled Holmes where you have Jones and Uzzi slotted. Maybe Carradine over Jenkins. Getting Holmes might require some reshuffling to the third.
  14. tm1119

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    I don't think Holmes is a starter in the NFL. I've seen enough evidence to believe he's going to end up on his back regularly in the NFL. Want no parts of him. Dallas Thomas is nice but I think a good C will help this line more than good guard
  15. tm1119

    tm1119 Well-Known Member

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    I don't really agree with it but I feel like either Free or Parnell will be our starting RT next year. Adding 2 interior o lineman in the draft is probably about the best we can ask for.

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