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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by tm1119, Jan 22, 2013.

  1. tm1119

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    Trade back to somewhere between 24-30 for an extra 3rd round pick.

    Round 1- Sharrif Floyd DT Florida- Quick and athletic DT who can shoot gaps and get penetration from the middle of the line. Would be the play making DT we've lacked since Ratliff was last healthy.

    Round 2- Dallas Thomas OG/OT Tennessee - Somewhat of a tweener but I think he can have a successful NFL career as OG who can play RT if needed. Polished played with a ton of starts in the SEC all over the line. Immediate starter in my opinion.

    Round 3- DJ Swearinger FS South Carolina- Athletic CF type of FS that can cover the slot when asked. May not be the flashiest safety in the draft, but is steady and reliable in coverage and knows how to wrap up. Could possibly challenge Sensabaugh right away.

    Round 3- Denard Robinson ATH Michigan- Ok we all know Jerry couldn't really go 4 straight picks without taking a skill position player. And with Robinson you get a guy who can play all of the skill positions. Could be used as a RB out of the shot gun, line up in the slot, plus return kicks and punts. Dynamic athlete who is a threat to score anytime he gets his hands on the ball.

    Round 4- William Gholston DE Michigan State- Big and athletic. Perfect to play the strong side in the 4-3. Can set the edge and hold up well against the run at 280 lbs and also quick enough to beat RT's 1 on 1.

    Round 5- Braxton Cave C Notre Dame- Big, strong, smart, and experienced. Nothing spectacular or flashy but knows how to do his job well enough. Steps into the mix and competes for the starting spot at C right away.

    Round 6- Michael Ford RB LSU- This kid kind of got lost in the shuffle of the ridiculous amount of talent LSU had in the backfield this year. Just 392 yards on 71 carries (5.5 average) and 3 TD's. Good size at 5'10 215 and enough speed and quickness to have success in the NFL. Also returns kicks.
  2. ThrowuptheXDez88

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    I don't think Floyd makes it past 20, but interesting I guess
  3. Floaty

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    Denard Robinson may not even get picked......he has sucked that bad @ the SR. Bowl

    And you want to trade back to get a pick to select him?

    Oh boy:eek:
  4. patrickstillhere

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    Round 1- Sharrif Floyd DT Florida Top 20 player
    Round 2- Dallas Thomas OG/OT Tennessee Good pick
    Round 3- DJ Swearinger FS South Carolina McDonald
    Round 3- Denard Robinson Awful pick. Tim Tebow2 playing WR. Ahh..
    Round 4- William Gholston DE Michigan State Good pick.
    Round 5- Braxton Cave C Notre Dame No way
    Round 6- Michael Ford RB LSU OK
  5. DFWJC

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    I like the general theme of the draft, other than that the Robinson pick would be a massive waste.

    Any chance that you're a Michigan fan?
  6. xwalker

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    The top 3 plus the trade are excellent!

    Floyd would be a perfect fit in the Kiffin scheme.

    Dallas Thomas reminds me a lot of Jonathan Cooper with his athleticism. I thought that Thomas might jump up the rankings, but his 32" arm length keeps him from being drafted as an OT; although, as you indicated, he could serve as a backup OT for depth purposes.

    Swearinger is one of my favorite players to watch.

    Denard Robinson is all about the mental-makeup which is difficult to judge for fans/draftniks. The 3rd "feels" a little early for him, but I would like to know more about his mental capacity.

    Gholston in the 4th would be a good pick for the Strong Side DE in Kiffin's defense. His work-ethic will need to be investigated.

    Cave should be a good pick in the 5th; however, the Cowboys really need to find a way to get one of the higher rated Centers, IMO (Khalad Holmes, Barrett Jones, Travis Frederick or maybe Jonathan Cooper at OC). This position is almost impossible to fill in Free Agency. The Cowboys seem to have several guys similar to Cave on the roster.

    Ford should be a decent pick in the 6th. RB is a higher priority than most believe, IMO. Luckily, there appears to be a lot of talent in the mid and late rounds at this position.
  7. tm1119

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    Nope, Not a Michigan fan at all (Penn State actually). I just think Robinson is a unique talent that could be used in a variety of ways in the NFL. There have been plenty of successful transitions from college QB to RB/WR/KR in the NFL. A late 3rd round pick for an athlete like Robinson is worth it in my opinion.

    And I don't see how Floyd is out of the question in a trade back. He's at best the 4th best DT prospect and depending on how you feel about Short, Sylvester Williams and Jon Jenkins Floyd could rank as low as 8th in this class. So definitely not out of the question he could be on the board at 25.

    But since everyone is against the Robinson pick, how would this look instead?

    1. Sharrif Floyd
    2. Dallas Thomas
    3. DJ Swearinger
    3. Kenjon Barner
    4. William Gholston
    5. Braxton Cave
    6. Josh Boyce WR TCU
  8. IAmLegend

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    Now you're speaking my language. although I think we'd go TJ McDonald over Swearinger if available.
  9. DFWJC

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    Very strong, imo.
  10. xwalker

    xwalker Well-Known Member

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    I hope not.
  11. AsthmaField

    AsthmaField Outta bounds

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    Love Floyd, and I like Thomas and Swearinger a lot.

    I like Swearinger more than McDonald BTW, who a lot of people would rather take with a 3rd.

    Also, I don't know if he'd last that long, but if we could get Khaseem Green (OLB Rutgers) with the other 3rd round pick, I would be very happy. He's a perfect fit for Kiffin's WLB.
  12. cowboys1981

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    My trade back mock

    Rd 1- DT Shariff Floyd
    Rd 2- OG Larry Warford
    Rd 3- RB Ed Lacy
    Rd 3- OG Alvin Bailey
    Rd 4- S Phillip Thomas
    Rd 5- OT Brian Winters
    Rd 6- WR Chris Harper
  13. Muhast

    Muhast Newo

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    I have a feeling Eddie Lacy moves up draft boards rather fast. I expect him to go in the 2nd. If he goes in the 3rd to us, I'd be absolutely estatic
  14. IAmLegend

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    He's going in the 2nd barring an injury before the draft.
  15. xwalker

    xwalker Well-Known Member

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    I would be disappointed with 3 OL and no Center. I would replace Bailey with Khalad Holmes if possible.

    Also, Brian Winters looks like a Guard only now with his disappointing arm length of 32".

    For later round OTs, I would look at:
    David Quessenberry
    Xavier Nixon
    Terron Armstead
    Manase Foketi
    Luke Marquardt
  16. da_whiz_kid

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    my trade back mock with Jerry able to acquire a 7th, because he got it like that:

    1 - Larry Warford OG
    2 - Sylvester Williams DT
    3 - Phillip Thomas S
    3 - Khaled Holmes OC
    4 - "TANK" DE
    5 - Terron Armstead OT
    6 - Robbie Rouse RB
    7 - Phillip Lutzenkirchen TE

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