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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by tm1119, Feb 21, 2013.

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    The Cardinals flirt with taking a QB at #7, but pass because the value isn't right. But it just so happens that their guy is still on the board at #18 and swiftly make the offer of #38, #69, #166 + a 2nd next year for our #18 pick and Jerry promptly accepts.

    Now the mock....

    #38- Sylvester Williams DT UNC- Guy is a flat out beast, if it wasn't for his age he'd be going much higher in this draft. Instant starter who we will routinely see in the backfield. Type of guy that will demand double teams and make the whole front 7 better.

    #47- Dallas Thomas OG Tennessee- A lot to like about Dallas Thomas as a OG in the ZBS. He's big and strong enough to handle pretty much any d-lineman but has the feet to pull well and get to the 2nd level. Day 1 starter at LG for us.

    #69- DJ Swearinger S South Carolina- Play making safety that we lack. Also plays with an attitude and nastiness that our D has lacked for a long time. A feared hard hitter who isn't a liability in coverage which is rare.

    #80- Stepfan Taylor RB Stanford- Hard nosed tough runner who rarely goes down on 1st contact. A rock who will be good in short yardage situations and running between the tackles. A straight 50-50 split between Taylor and Murray and we would have 1 of the better running games in the league.

    #111- Gerald Hodges LB PSU- Navarro Bowan 2.0. Seriously, watch the tape. Hoges is an absolute beast, tackles everything around him with force. More than enough athleticism to read and react to running plays and not be a liability in coverage. Wins the starting job as our #3 LB from day 1.

    #144- Conner Vernon WR Duke- ACC all time leader in receptions. Quick shifty athlete who knows how to get open and find space in the D. Great hands to catch balls most balls thrown to him. A bit limited with top end speed but a perfect fit for slot reciever.

    #166- Quanterus Smith DE Western Kentucky- Dominant small school prospect who tore his ACL this year. Will probably need a "red shirt" year to heal up and add some good NFL weight, but there is a lot of potential here. Could be very well be worth the wait.

    #175- Matt Stankiewitch C PSU- 26 straight starts at C earning 1st team all conference honors last year in the Big 10. Smart kid with enough size to compete in the NFL. Provides depth and competition at the C position.

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    Good mock. Thank you for introducing me to Vernon.
  3. jterrell

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    The value in this draft is about 20-35.

    You miss that window and essentially have to hope a guy drops for you at 38. Not at all a fan of that severe move down.

    I could see a move down of 3-4 spots if we have multiple targets sitting there and no overwhelming favorite but a move that far down is like giving up on the drafts real talent.

    We aren't getting a blue chipper at 38.

    No real issue with the actual picks except I am not a big fan of going for Stepfan in round 3. He doesn't have star potential imo and we really do not need to go RB early. I'd much rather grab a WR at 80 and a RB at 144.
  4. AsthmaField

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    Agree completely. Either stay at 18 or move back just a few spots.
  5. tm1119

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    I just don't see any legit blue chip guys at positions of need that will actually be there at 18. I fully expect Richardson, Floyd, Ansah and Warmack to be gone before 18 and I just really don't love anybody else outside of those guys. I know a lot of people love Cooper, but unless we feel confident he can play C from day 1 I wouldn't feel very comfortable drafting him at 18. Not that he isn't a good OG, I just don't see him as a impact or all pro type of guard you expect at #18.

    Outside of Richardson, Floyd, Ansah, Warmack, and possibly Lane Johnson (all will most likely be gone) who do you view as a much better prospect than a guy like Sylvester Williams? I think that window extends past 35 in my opinion. After about the top 12 guys on our board there A LOT of similar players in terms of talent in this draft.
  6. Oh_Canada

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    That would be one heck of a draft.
  7. kirkjrk

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    Don't dismiss Kawaan Short. He will rise to at least the 23- 30th pick. He's my pet cat. His stats over the last 2 years are better than all the big boys--Floyd,Richardson,Ansah,Hankins, etc.
  8. Future

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    I'm not as high on Swearinger as others, but I'd be more than happy with this draft.
  9. tm1119

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    I like Short as well. I think he will end up going to one of the smart teams who are always at the end of the 1st yet always draft well (GB, NE, Atl, ect). Short and Williams are both underrated in my opinion
  10. xwalker

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    This would be excellent if Warmack and Cooper are off the board before this trade is made.
  11. xwalker

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    It's difficult to find any scouting reports on Short that don't include something about his questionable work-ethic.

    ABQCOWBOY Moderator Staff Member

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    I think the value in this draft runs to the 4th round. There are a lot of good football players in this draft.

    ABQCOWBOY Moderator Staff Member

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    I don't love Short. He's got talent but I agree. Everybody you talk to says the same thing. He doesn't play up to his capabilities.
  14. DFWJC

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    This was my thought right away.
    You can drop down out of the sweet spot in this draft and hope someone falls to you.
    I guess, however, you could make the argument that take that trade and then use some of the added picks to trade back up into the latter part of the first round if things start looking dicey.

    I like a lot you player choices though, I just would like my 1st pick to be better than Williams.
  15. jterrell

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    between 18-38: I rather like a lot of guys including all those who you have listed as being gone.
    DJ Fluker
    Jonathon Hankins
    Datone Jones
    Jonathon Cooper
    Travis Frederick
    Matt Elam
    Kawann Short

    We are moving AWAY from a 3-4 so I don't place as much importance as you on a big run stuffer, NT. Especially as we may end up with Josh Brent playing again in 2014 in Dallas. And we can probably get by another year with Ratliff as the 1 Tech. Especially since it costs more to cut him than to keep him for 2013.

    I also struggle to rate Jonathon Jenkins, Jesse Williams and Sylvester Williams far apart.

    I fully expect at least 2 QBs to go before 18. Teams will reach for fits. They want the guys locked up for 5 years and could care less about reaching at QB. So we may have the 15th or 16th best player still there at 18. I am okay trading down some but it has become the cool thing to do on these mocks and the truth is moving down causes you to lose out on very good players. I'd really only want to move down for a kings ransom.
  16. Macnalty

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    No way Travis Fredrick is picked in the first or second rd you must have him confused with someone else. He is rated behind Barrett Jones who is scheduled for third rd.
  17. tm1119

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    I mean I like all of those guys, but I wouldn't rate any of them at all any higher than the other, or above Williams much for that matter. Like I said I see a lot of guys ranked very similar. I don't see the problem with trading down and adding as many picks as possible in the top 80
  18. xwalker

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    That's not a universal ranking. Many had Frederick rated ahead of Jones. Now that Frederick reported to the combine at 312 lbs, he is probably going to be rated even higher. His issue was borderline quickness; however, he was listed at 338 in college. He should test well in the quickness measureables at 312.

    The Lisfranc injury/surgery is pushing Barrett Jones down the rankings.

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