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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Hailmary, Apr 4, 2008.

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    Here's my stab at an improbable draft w/ a bunch of trades. I see pre-draft day trades w/ Detroit (our 1st(28) for Roy Williams, Tennessee (our 5th(163) this year and our 5th next year for Pacman, and Miami (Fasano for their 4th(100) and 6th(167). I also see a draft day trade w/ Atlanta for our 1st(22) for their 2nd(34) and 3rd(68) and a conditional pick next year.

    Got all that? Good. Flame on.

    1 (22)
    Traded to Atlanta for: 2(34) / 3(68)

    1 (28)
    Traded to Detroit for: WR Roy Williams

    2 (34) From Atlanta
    Patrick Lee -CB- Auburn

    2 (61)
    Ray Rice -RB- Rutgers

    3 (68) From Atlanta
    Marcus Monk -WR- Arkansas

    3 (92)
    Carl Nicks -OG- Nebraska

    4 (100) From Miami
    Brad Cottam -TE- Tennessee

    4 (126)
    Barry Richardson -OT- Clemson

    5 (163)
    Traded to Tennessee for: CB Adam Jones

    6 (167) From Miami
    Rodrick Johnson -ILB- Oklahoma State

    6 (195)
    Jack Ikegwuonu -CB- Wisconsin

    7 (235)
    Frank Morton -DT- Tulane
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    For the 36 billionth 457 millionth, 462,852nd time, we DO NOT HAVE ROOM ON OUR ROSTER FOR AN I.L.B.!
    If we traded for Roy Williams, why on earth would we draft Monk?
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    I think we are giving up too much in that trade with Atlanta. They have 3 2nd round picks (#34, #37, & #48). I would think #34 & #48 would be the correct compensation for our #22, no matter what a trade chart says. Take it or leave it, moving back to the 3rd is too far.

    My opinion....:D

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