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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by tm1119, Mar 31, 2012.

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    1st trade is to trade down with the Browns for picks 22 and 37 for Pick 14. We then package picks 37, 81 and 186 for pick #27 from the Patriots.

    So our picks are #22, #27, #45, #113, #135, #152, and #222

    Now the mock....

    Pick #22- Nick Perry DE/OLB USC- We trade back and a rush OLB with a huge ceiling is still available, Jerry pulls the trigger, Perry is still very raw as his array of moves is pretty limited. However he possess the size and athleticism to be a real force as a pass rusher in the NFL.

    Pick #27- Peter Kronz OC Wisconsin- It just makes too much sense for us to not move back up and pick a polished center who could start from day 1.

    Pick #45- Billy Winn DT/DE Boise ST- This kid looks like he was bred to be a 5-Tech in the NFL. Great size at 6'4 295 but also very athletic with a sub 4.9 40 at his pro day. Will be the pocket collapsing DE we've been seeking.

    Pick # 113- Josh Norman CB Costal Carolina- Kind of my pet cat as far as CB's go. Good size and more than adequate speed. Long arms and played press man coverage his whole college career. Playmaker whos capable of creating turnovers.

    Pick #135- Aaron Henry FS Wisconsin- Solid player who was a leader at a major college program. Ran a 4.5 40 at his pro day so he has more than adequate athleticism to play FS in the NFL. Will be a better cover FS than Poole from day 1.

    Pick #152-Tommy Streeter WR Miami- Big kid at 6'5 219 with speed to burn(4.4 40). A lot of untapped potential here but he would have time to develop as our 4th WR.

    Pick # 222- Jeff Adams OT Columbia- Dominant LT in the Ivy league with good size. Would be a project to be our backup swing tackle.
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    hmm, let me ponder this one for a while, not sure how I feel. lol

    Perry is throwing me off, not a huge fan but att 22 he offers some value. Who else is on the board? lol

    How about Konz at 22 and Fleener at 27? You would of had me like butter in your hand. lol
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    Wouldn't hate getting Fleener. It's definitely a much safer route. Personally my goal in the 1st round would be to find a defensive play maker at S or OLB. So I would be looking at Ingram, Perry, Mercilus, or Barron. In that order. I know that thinking is different than most, but this defense is 1 player away from being great right now in my opinion so I'd be a little more willing to gamble.
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    I don't think we're 1 player away on Defense from being great.

    I think if we can shore up 1 Safety position and get 1 more quality DL, even with Spencer's pass rushing abilities, we can be good to possibly very good.

    To be great on defense, imo, we need a quality Safety, 1 more quality DL, and 1 more quality pass rusher to complement Ware. Also, Carter has to reach the potential the Cowboys think he has when they drafted him. And of course hope for a healthy Jenkins at CB to complement Carr.

    But at the minimum, to be great on Defense, I think we need 3 more quality players - Safety, a DL, and 1 more pass rusher.

    Just my opinion . . . .
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    I think if we were to get Perry and Winn there's a pretty Damn good chance 2 of those needs would be filled.....But maybe I overstated it. I didn't mean all time time great or anything. I think its more like top 3 D in the league next year with 1 more playmaker.

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