trade the Boys#1 for Carr?

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by choachip05, Jan 5, 2006.

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    That has nothing to do with the state of the 1-15 team. THAT team was horrible. It took good coaching, more draft picks and Charles Haley to take that team to the next level. If you asked anyone which team was better, Houstons first year or the 89 cowboys, you'd be a fool to think more than a handful would take the boys. Remember, Houston beat us in their innaugural game, and that team wasn't nearly as bad as the 89ers.
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    Carter, with all his problems is a better qb than Carr any day. Carter has proved that by guiding the Cowboys to the playoffs with Troy Hambrick as the featured back. Carter puts up better numbers against tough defenses and Carr only against weak defenses. Case in point. Carter beat the Browns on the road outplaying both Garcia and Holcomb while the Browns dogged the Texans in their home stadium. Carter overcame 5 sacks in the first half to throw the winning td in the final minutes while Carr was overwhelmed by sacks and crumbled in an embarrassing loss in his home stadium.
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    carter sucks get over it. He didn't lead anybody to the playoffs, our #1 D and weak schedule got us 10 wins. Without Carter it may have been 12 wins. The Cowboys won in spite of Carter not because of him.
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    You have probably seen him more then when they opt to show Texans games on TV in Dallas...I just go to sleep or flip the tube over to MTV.

    From what I have seen, I think he still has what it takes.
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    Well Im one of the handful that doesnt buy that.

    Those teams were alot more closer talent wise then youre recognizing.

    There is no way an expansion team, composed entirely of players that havent played together before (zero chemistry) in their first year can be called better than any team in any state.

    Those 89 Cowboys had already started assemblying the neucleus of a dynasty. Houston hasnt assembled jack.
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    Tragic how no NFL Team, Head Coach, or GM realizes this and agrees with you.

    kartr's Carter is the bomb theory :shoot3:
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    It is a grand conspiracy. I blame the Stonecutters.(Yes, I do watch The Simpons way too much) :D
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    I don't think that's crazy at all. In fact a coach like Parcells could be exactly what a qb like Carr needs. He's being asked to be the savior down there when he has no experiance of being a savior and no help whatsoever to do it. Up here he'd only be asked to drive the bus. A guy with his driving skills I wouldn't mind driving our bus. Not to mention he's young still. I'd much rather have a sceniero like this play out rather then the ludicris one of us trading up for a Vince Young in the draft. Bring him in and make it a TRUE (no BP unfairness) QB competition for the #1 spot with Bledsoe. May the best man then win.

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