Trade the two number ones???

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Juke99, Dec 7, 2004.

  1. Juke99

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    Philosophical question....

    Considering that our first round pick will be middle of the pack...and Buffalo's will be around 20-25, would you consider trading both to move up in the top 5 (+ a late rounder) if the opportunity presented itself?

    I know there are alot of holes in our roster but we've also seen the impact a TRUE blue chip impact player can have on a team...

    Curious to see your opinions...
  2. dbair1967

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    I dunno...some guy named Emmitt Smith was had with the 17th pick, wasnt he a blue chipper? Kevin Smith was a damn good CB, he was chosen around that spot too...where was Ed Reed drafted? (hint, think 20's)...Ray Lewis? Derrick Brooks?

    of course in 1998 we could (and almost did) move up for "super blue chip" DE prospect Andre Wadsworth...Jerruh offered the Cards our 1st (which ended up Ellis) our 2nd (which ended up Flozelle Adams) and our 1999 1st rd pick to move up 4 spots...I remember the Cards GM Bob Ferguson's comment was "you think we're crazy? you think we want to hand you the super bowl?"

    The Saints made a similar move for a supposed "blue chip" DT a couple yrs ago, remember Johnathan Sullivan? they traded the 17th and 18th picks if memory serves me correct and moved to somewhere around 6, and Sullivan has almost eaten himself out of the league already, and was a healthy inactive for at least one or two games alreayd this yr...look what the Giants gave up this yr for Eli Manning, he hardly looks worsth it...ditto cant miss prospect Ryan Leaf for the Chargers a few years back

    point is, you better be really, really really sure when you give up multiple picks to move up into the top of the draft, or it bites you in the arse bigtime

    good players can be found where we will be drafting at in rd one if the scouts and the front office do their homework

  3. Nors

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    This is a weak draft overall.

    I'd rather trade one of our #1's down, accumulate more picks and maybe trade a pick for proven Vet.........
  4. DoomsDayD

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    I guess it would depend on what number you are going to get. Like would it be a top 10 pick or a top 8 pick. If the guy would be a guaranteed stud then i would pull the trigger. If not trade down and gather up some picks for this year and maybe next.
  5. dbair1967

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    might be, might not be...dont know what underclassmen are entering yet

    looks like it could be good at some positions we need help at, like LB, CB and DE...especially once the juniors (or maybe a couple 3rd yr soph) declare

    bad QB draft...mediocre to bad WR draft...bad TE draft...average OL draft...could be decent RB crop

  6. zagnut

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    Unless they move to the NFC, seems unlikely they make the [jimmora]playoffs[/jimmora]. Although looking at their schedule, they could finish strong and possibly take the last spot -- Cleveland, Cincy, San Fran, and Pittsburgh. That blows now that I think about it. That was supposed to be a top 10 pick!!!

    All said, I can't see us trading two to three potential starters for one potential starter. I CAN see us trading a first rounder and maybe a pick next year for a franchised or restricted free agent. The better we do the more that becomes a possiblilty, imo.

    Given their cap tightness, the Jets may be willing to trade Abraham for a 1st. Seems odd that it costs more in a trade to move up in the draft than it does to acquire a proven, pro bowl player. I guess it's about youth and contracts. Normally, I wouldn't even want to do this, but to solve the RDE position for six to eight years it would be worth it.
  7. nathanlt

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    You are right on. Dallas needs a bulk of solid players on defense, who have the potential to become more. I say THREE second round picks!!!
  8. dbair1967

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    I'd still rather have two 1st rd picks where we are at than 1 st and 3 2nds, two of which are probably gonna be mid 2nd rd or lower

    one thought for your "three 2nd rd picks!!!" quote....1995...not saying it will or would happen that way again, but you increase your odds of having something like that happen...

    it isnt a weak draft all the way around, its actually pretty good in positions we need help at...its just weak at marquee positions like QB, WR and LT, which gives the perception that its a weak draft overall...but its a pretty good DE draft, a potentially very good LB draft and a pretty good CB draft

  9. ghst187

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    I might consider trading both our firsts for Mike williams, but after that I think every other player that we would consider drafting has some very comparable guys that can be had later
    WR- Mike Williams, later round comparable, maybe Edwards but i don't think he'll be as good
    LB- Derrick Johnson, later round comparable-Ahmad Brooks
    CB- Antrel Rolle- later round comparables- Carlos Rogers, Marlin Jackson

    Mike Williams could be off the boards anywhere between picks 3 and 20, really hard to say at this point. I'm betting he runs slow at the combine and Edwards runs fast which may swing which WR goes first and could have williams fall a few picks.
    Other than Williams, I'd prefer to have two firsts and make our first three picks be some mix of 3 of these guys at some need positions.

    DT- Rod Wright, Hawthorn, Ngata
    CB- Marlin Jackson, Carlos Rogers
    LB- Ahmad Brooks,
    FS- Butler, Donte Nicholson, Brodney Poole, Earnest Shazor
  10. nathanlt

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    However, a good DE, LB and CB draft will be quickly depleted after the horrendous pass interference calls this year. At least the pass rush DE's and DT's along with the top flight corners.
  11. Rack Bauer

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    No. Keep them both and get two good players. We could get ourselves a couple of "Ed Reeds" with those picks.
  12. nathanlt

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    I think the thing we learned from the last draft is that you can bypass the BIG name (Stephen Jackson) and still get a gem (Julius Jones) Recent history has shown that you can also go for the premier talent in the late rounds. (Jason Witten) I just hope Dallas studies the players for the draft VERY closely, like the did on Witten and Jones, and finds some more just like 'em. Good news is, Jones/Parcells HAVE PROVEN they can find those guys. Keep it up!
  13. The30YardSlant

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    I might consider trading one of the firsts and a second to move up and still have 2 #1s.
  14. nathanlt

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    I think the biggest thing the Cowboys need is a pass rush. Is there any DE or DT that's such a low risk in round one, that's worth trading up for? Who would it be, in your opinion? Or is any player worth that risk this year? Derrick Johnson comes to mind, but we don't need an LB as bad as we need a pass rush.
  15. dstew60105

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    All great examples. We'd be better off using the two picks on two or three players. This team is not one great player away from being elite again. We need depth and youth.

  16. junk

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    I wouldn't be opposed to trading down for another second and giving it to Jacksonville for David Garrard.

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