Trade those picks?

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Spontae, Jan 13, 2005.

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    A lot depends on who falls to those slots.

    I would prefer we do not trading, and just Draft 2 Studs!

    Although I said the same thing last year, and we ended up with Julius Jones and a first rounder this year, which I am now glad we did.
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    Part of the reason we haven't had success with first round picks is cuz we didn't have any.

    Our last two first rounders are doing just fine. And if we had kept our first rounder last year and drafted Jackson we would of been fine with him as well.

    In fact, I'd say it's our second and third rounders that haven't panned out so trading for more of those would be unwise.

    Jason Witten and Julius Jones... those are the only good ones in the last 5 years.

    Jacob Rogers? Couldn't beat out undrafted Torrin Tucker for the RT spot and still somehow managed to get injured.

    Stephen Peterman? Looked about as well as I would look trying to pass block in the NFL, then he got hurt cuz of his own poor technique.

    Al Johnson? Got hurt his rookie year. Played solid this year but still too soon to tell either way.

    Andre Gurode? After a decent rookie year, he's been horrible.

    Antonio Bryant? Tons of talent, no common sense whatsoever. A headcase and a cancer.

    Derek Ross? Has been on like 15 NFL teams already (exhaggerating) and has been cut from every one of them, including the Vikings twice.

    From the 2001 draft:

    Tony Dixon, Quincy Carter, Willie Blade... nuff said.

    2000 Draft:

    Dwayne Goodrich. Yeah, nuff said again.

    We had no third rounder that year.


    Soloman Page, nuff said.

    And Dat Nguyen. Put him on the short list with Witten and JuJo.


    Flozell Adams: Tons of talent, very little motivation and even less concentration. What a waste of talent. He's still good half assing his way every year, imagine if he applied himself?


    Dexter Coakley, Steve Scifers, Kenny Wheaton... all in the third round. We went 1 for 3 that year.


    Randall Godfrey (2nd round).

    Clay Shiver, Stepfret Williams, and Mike Ulufale all in the third round. What a f'in waste of three 3rd round picks. And we didn't keep the ONLY good player from that draft. Horrible.

    I think I've made my point about 2nd and 3rd round picks. Even with Al Johnson, Witten, and JuJo, our recent history (last two drafts) isn't great with picks in those rounds. It's been decent, but not great.
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    Thanks for making me :blech:
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    "yeah I see what you mean, Terrance Newman, Roy Williams and Greg Ellis were just horrible draft picks...why didnt we just trade out of the 1st rd so we could draft better guys like Dwayne Goodrich, Solomon Page, Sherman Williams and Shane Hannah..."

    I detect subtle sarcasm. I am love Ellis, Roy and T-New. I am scared to death of memories of Shante Carver, LaFleur, Ekuban, trading out of the first round twice (1995-96) and losing two picks (2000-2001 for Gallowaste)...
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    Forget it Hasselbeck isnt coming he is staying in the Pac North West
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