Trade Ware for blockbuster deal?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by RealCowboyfan, Jan 10, 2013.

  1. Manwiththeplan

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    I'm about as big of a Spencer supporter there is, but this is ridiculous. Didn't Ware have like 20 sacks in 2011? How did Spencer stick out more?
  2. alecweezy

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    Is this serious?

    3 1sts and Berry for Ware?
    Irvin, Thomas, a 1st for Ware?
  3. The Realist

    The Realist Well-Known Member

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    I would trade Ware for multiple 1's and change.

    Why not.

    We just went from 8-8 to something like a 5 win team anyways.
  4. Double Trouble

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    Will turn 31 before the season, salary escalates to $12m in 2 years, coming off an injury.

    We likely couldn't get a 1st rounder for Ware, much less a 1st plus something else. Maybe a late 1st rounder if someone was desparate.
  5. MonsterD

    MonsterD Quota outta absentia

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    We had our chance the Lions wanted Ware and Witten for the #2 overall, we all know who they drafted with that #2 overall.

    :laugh1: Ok ok I just had to get that one in. BTW yes this trade was actually a real offer by the Lions.
  6. Cowboy Brian

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    You would be lucky to receive a 1st rounder right now after a down season and now a 5-7 month recovery following a major surgery. I wouldn't do it.
  7. SkinsandTerps

    SkinsandTerps Redskins Forever

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    Ware would not garner a 1st at this point.

    He's a great player...but coming off injury and at 31...lucky to get a 2nd.
  8. cowboys1981

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    I'll play this game.

    Ware to Chiefs for 4th rounder and Berry.

    Ware is here to stay until he retires
  9. TheFinisher

    TheFinisher Well-Known Member

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    Yea, he's way more valuable to us than anything we would receive for him in a trade.
  10. kristie

    kristie Well-Known Member

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    trade d-ware???? :eek::eek::eek::eek::eek:

  11. SkinsandTerps

    SkinsandTerps Redskins Forever

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    Not that he is above being traded. You just wouldn't get proper value for him and it would be a bad PR move ( a fan favorite) because you wouldn't get enough in return.

    Now if the team were to release him because of injury or expense that would be more acceptable than a trade where you might get a 2nd.
  12. BHendri5

    BHendri5 Well-Known Member

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    yes, let's do it asap
  13. Nunez21

    Nunez21 Active Member

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    Ware and Romo for Tom Brady and 8 2nd round picks :starspin
  14. Beast_from_East

    Beast_from_East Well-Known Member

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    I am not in favor of trading Ware, but nobody is untouchable for the right price.

    Moot point right now anyways, you cant trade injured players and Ware is out till summer.
  15. Future

    Future Intramural Legend

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    Agreed. With this draft class, I'd have to seriously consider a 1st, 2nd, and like a 5th rounder...something along those lines.
  16. ykc

    ykc Active Member

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    Teams that are in playoffs this weekend and that lose this week would be the only teams willing to trade for Ware. IF Atlanta loses and they feel they are one great player like Ware to put them over the hump, they may be willing to give 2 first round picks. Chiefs are not going to rebuild with a 30 years player coming of an injury
  17. Tricked

    Tricked Fascinated

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    I think we'd be considered the new Red Sox
  18. respectdatstar

    respectdatstar Member

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    If coaches could still be traded for, I'd trade Garrett and Ware for the Hoody.
  19. ferrispata

    ferrispata Active Member

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    I have no doubt that Ware would garner at least a 1st rounder and an additional 1st, 2nd or 3rd rounder even with the injury. His injury is not career threatening to my knowledge and this man is one of the top 5 defensive players in the game and will be for at least another 3-5 years. With that said, I do not want to trade him.
  20. gmb85

    gmb85 Active Member

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    Not happening. We must hang on to the old Parcells players. They'll win a Superbowl for us one day.

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