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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by TheEnigma, Nov 2, 2005.

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    I apologize for creating a thread with a similar title to another one in the forum right now, but seeing that one got me thinking. When looking at the trade, we consider that we basically traded Steven Jackson for Julius Jones and Marcus Spears. The truth is we netted one more player from the trade...Drew Bledsoe. If I remember correctly, someone after us was looking at picking Losman, so he wouldn't have lasted to Buffalo's Pick. And it was with Losman on the depth chart that Buffalo let Bledsoe, I'm not as confident that release would have been made otherwise. So, we yielded Julius Jones, Marcus Spears, and Drew Bledsoe from that trade, that is all.
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    This is a very valid point.
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    Your so intelligent!!!
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    I'll buy that.
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    Of course, I didn't read all the way through the other thread. Someone else already had this revelation.
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    correct me if im wrong, but we traded Steven Jackson or Kevin Jones for Julius, Marcus Spears, AND Steven Peterman.
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    The enigma is right.
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    Its actually Sean Ryan, 5th round pick.
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    Don't forget about Price, who signed with the Cowboys because Bledsoe was a Cowboy ;).

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    It's funny that you'd come out of the shadows to make this post! :)

    That's just my kind of post... funny, witty, adds very little value! :D

    You should post more often!
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    I dont know man, you post enough of that kind of stuff to last us all a while, lol:rolleyes::p:;)

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