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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by xwalker, Jan 31, 2013.

  1. xwalker

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    I'm trying to determine those "factors".

    Why didn't teams wait out the situation with Jared Allen, Matt Cassel, etc..?
  2. xwalker

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    What is the point of this type of post?

    Without any reasons, this post has zero value.
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    like foreal guys why in the heck would any team trade for Spencer ??? There are like way too DE's in this draft with 1-3 round grades on them..If anything lets get some real value a real skill position player.
  4. xwalker

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    Not sure I understand?
  5. bkight13

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    Teams like MINN, KC and JAX aren't usually desired destinations for FAs, so acquiring them in a trade is often the only way to get them. They can then throw a ton of money at them and lock them up for a few years.
  6. conner01

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  7. M'Kevon

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    Question: if you are not willing to sign Spencer to a long term contract due to cap considerations, then how do you justify franchising him? The amount of the franchise tag must come under the salary cap when issued; even if the tag is not signed by the player, the money is deducted.
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    If he is traded though is it still deducted? I was under the impression that the cap hit goes away if you trade him.
  9. M'Kevon

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    If traded, the cap hit goes. But you need to fit him under the cap to place the tag.
  10. Tezz

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    You can look at it from a lot of angles as there aren't many franchise trades in history. Why doesn't every team with cap space franchise a good player before they leave like Brandon Carr or possibly Dwayne Bowe this year? Other teams would wait you out because its not worth it to trade picks and shell out a monster contract for a player that will probably hit FA if you wait another year. Draft picks have become more valued than in the past also.

    I think teams view Spencer as a good player, but not the must have foundation of a defense to build around especially at age 29 with limited production in his career. He would get a nice contract as a FA, but adding in draft picks is too much. I think the Cowboys themselves don't think Spencer is worth the $11M cap hit, which could hurt the Cowboys plans in FA or whatever, teams know this and will allow the Cowboys to carry Spencer for the season under the tag.
  11. jterrell

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    Dallas ALMOST CERTAINLY tags Spencer. At least for a bit.

    Teams seldom give up a player of his talent for absolutely nothing. Spencer was rated one of the top 3 or 4 OLB in football last year. There are about 5 or 6 teams wanting a stud OLB. He has insane value around the league.

    There are actually VERY FEW pure 3-4 OLB in this draft class. Same as last class. Spencer was better than EVERY rookie pass rusher last year.

    Dallas will almost certainly SIT ON THE SIDELINES at the start of free agency. We don't have tons of cap space and getting to it would require making outright stupid moves. It isn't at all worth it. And since a fair portion of our cap relief is scheduled to come June 2nd anyway.... Stop dreaming of this FA class.

    What Dallas can in fact do is tag Spencer, trade him for what the market bears, wait on the June 2nd cap relief and then go and get a couple bargain free agents to go along with a proper draft class.

    I would set the bar for Spencer at a team's first round pick. That's what we paid to draft him and he has shown he is a plus starting OLB. If a team drafting high in the order wants him they won't give us an R1 but a high 2nd would work well.

    But, but, but teams will just wait you out.... Will they? Spencer can sign with anyone if we remove the tag. That makes your odds about 1 in 10 if you desire him. And you'd have no tag leverage so simply need to be the highest, overpriced bidder. OR you could trade for him with tag leverage in tow and sign the best pass rusher and pure 3-4 OLB available.

    Dallas will almost certainly allow his agent to talk to other teams about contract parameters.

    End of the day it makes a lot of sense for a team badly in need of an OLB and pass rusher to invest in Spencer over an unknown rookie. So Dallas should be able to recoup a 2nd round pick.
  12. jterrell

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    Not sure how any of that follows logically.

    Dallas paid Spencer last year and WAS ECSTATIC with his performance for 9million.

    Dallas is THE ONE Team in the league moving to a 4-3. There are like 5 other teams moving to a 3-4. Teams see the Super Bowl defenses. They want an OLB who can stop the run, play the short area in pass defense and rush the passer. Spencer can do that. There isn't a single draft eligible kid that has proven he can.

    The will wait you out stuff makes zero sense. Wait on what? To get in a bidding war?

    Why wasn't Carr tagged? Because KC needed the tag for other players. Why won't Bowe be tagged? Perhaps because he isn't really a top 10 WR. Or top 15 even.

    By the same token why ARE other players tagged? It isn't exactly rare.

    Spencer made 8.x m last year and gets tagged at 110% of that. That isn't 11 million.
  13. CyberB0b

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    They do it all the time. Just about every offseason. Let's be real, the guy has only produced 1 year and 30 is closing in fast. We have more pressing needs. I say we let him walk.
  14. Tezz

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    There is no discount for a team that trades they will have to offer a contract that appeases Spencer anyway. Spencer will cost $10.6M when franchised again

    There are a lot of players that change teams every season some that are very talented via FA.

    We shall see you are confident in a franchise trade scenario and even getting premium picks, I say no trade will take place. He either stays a Cowboy or walks as a FA.
  15. xwalker

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    Spencer made $8.856M in 2012. They must Franchise him at 120% of that in 2013 which is $10.62M.
  16. jterrell

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    When a team has two or more high profile free agents they can only tag one.

    When they have 1 high profile free agent they almost always tag him. Except where the tag cost is just insane. See Mario Williams.

    Dallas may ultimately let Spencer walk but they'd be goofy to do so without trying to get a return for him.

    This is a talent acquisition business and only stupid teams would not use the talent at their disposal to maximize what they can field next year.

    Dallas is badly in need of another draft pick or two. 6 total picks is a very small haul. They can recoup picks via Spencer.

    Spencer can be tagged at less than half of what it would have cost to tag Mario Williams last year.
  17. jterrell

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    Actually the team who acquires him can get a discount. He is still under the tag so can be paid one a 1 year 10.6 million dollar deal. OR he can work within those parameters to secure a massive SB. 5 years 60 should be enough for a team with franchise leverage. Without??

    He is coming off a career year and probably would like a big bonus since that's all that is guaranteed.

    Mario Williams was the best passer last off-season by far. He got 100 MILLION. Insane money.

    To tag him would have cost Houston 22 Million.

    But four quality pass rushers were ALL Tagged:
    Calais Campbell, Cliff Avril, Robert Mathis and Spencer himself.

    Also ask yourself this. Why would Dallas tag Spencer and keep him then see him have a career year but simply let him walk for free? That is seriously terrible logic.
  18. john van brocklin

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    But, this front office has done strange things before , LOL...

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