Trading for Joe Haden this spring

Discussion in 'Roster Zone' started by Howboutdemcowboys31, Dec 10, 2016.

  1. Howboutdemcowboys31

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    The guy has had it in Cleveland. He's a top 5 corner at a position of need this off-season. I'm thinking they would let him go for a second or third. I would re-sign Mo to a team friendly deal, let Carr Walk, and trade for Haden this off-season
  2. darthseinfeld

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    Wouldnt give up a day pick for him with that contract, and he has been pretty bad this year.

    Id only do it for a conditional 2018 late pick which would max at a 5th
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  3. stasheroo

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    Between the huge salary in his contract - which was likely not considered - and his injury history, the Cowboys aren't likely to make any sort of move for him.

    As Jerry Jones said, they won't be big players in free agency, nor will they be trading picks for big contracts.
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  4. big dog cowboy

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    Maybe in the old days.
  5. xwalker

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    Stay away from slowish CBs when they get older.
  6. Frozen700

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    Haden is a beast
  7. stilltheguru88

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    No thanks.
  8. CalPolyTechnique

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    I'd much rather have Dre Kirkpatrick in free agency.
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  9. Curmudgeon

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    People get tired of seeing their guy give up completions, because that's the team they're watching, so they always think some "name" they aren't watching will be an upgrade. Haden isn't anywhere close to a "top 5 corner" at this point in his career, when he's actually on the field.

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