Training camp observation from 8/16-8/18 (Defense)

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by radiohead, Aug 19, 2006.

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    well thats for you, sex for me is "ahhhhhhhhh" then i run as the husband comes in :D
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    Hate to say this, while I looked for Carp, I did not see anything to write about. He got close to sacking the QB a couple of times, and looked decent on run defense, but based only on what I saw I would not have thought he was a first round pick.

    Maybe I missed them when they happened, but I really didn't see anything spectacular, or things that made me went "hey, that's a player!" Not saying that he's not doing well, I just didn't see it myself.

    Don't be alarmed though, based on the misc. reports coming out of camp, he seems to be doing just fine, so I wouldn't jump to any conclusion based on one man's limited experience.
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    I think Carp was also injured at the time...
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    Great Post Thanks

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