Twitter: Training Camp Practice #2 Thread (Wrap-Up) - 07/21/13

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    Todd Archer ‏@toddarcher 1h
    Cowboys DBs working on the Peanut punch Charles Tillman perfected in Chicago
    For those asking about camera on Murray's helmet, I don't know the purpose. Could just be a Cowboys TV deal.
    Jason Garrett works as scout team QB vs. first team LBs, DBs. Completes a check down on first throw
    Garrett goes 4 for 4 as QB. Three throws to RBs and a slant to Mo Claiborne.
    Team drills about to start. As Garrett likes to say Cowboys vs Cowboys
    Lance Dunbar with 2 great between the tackle runs
    Travis Frederick needs to keep his feet. On the ground too much
    Romo carries out great play fake but Bruce Carter tips ball and Sean Lee comes up with the pick
    WR Eric Rogers with a nice adjustment on throw behind him. Reached back and plucked the ball
    Dan Bailey 5 for 5 on his kicks. Will get distances later. Looked like 35-45ish
    LB Deon Lacy couldn't elude a dummy on special teams drills. Ran over and fell. What happens when he faces things that move?
    Romo 5 of 6 in 7 on 7. Only incomplete deep ball to Dez Bryant but Scandrick looked like would've been flagged for hold
    Defense forces fumbles on back to back plays. Might be a record.
    DeMarco Murray with a nice feel on screen. Set up Sean Lee and have his blocker chance to make play
    Kyle Orton picked by Devonte Holloman. Wouldn't happen in game because was sacked before the throw
    Jason Hatcher walks David Arkin back into Romo's lap.
    Practice ends with incomplete pass by Nick Stephens

    Tim MacMahon ‏@espn_macmahon 1h
    The rest of the injured guys are doing rehab work on the side, but Jay Ratliff just left the field.
    For some reason, Anthony Spencer isn't in there as team drills begin. Kyle Wilber is at DE opposite DeMarcus Ware.
    DeMarco Murray makes a nice cut to bounce outside and get upfield. "Finish! Finish! Finish!" RB coach Gary Brown shouts.
    North Texas alum Lance Dunbar is working as No. 2 RB. He's small but explosive. Just burst through seam up middle of starting D.
    Tony Romo's first pick of camp: Sean Lee gets rebound after Bruce Carter leaps to get both hands on ball thrown into heavy traffic.
    Undrafted WR Eric Rogers, from nearby Cal Lutheran, made pretty catch on ball thrown behind him on cross route. Big (6-3, 210), good hands.
    Tony Romo has a little rhythm now. Deep out to Dez Bryant, corner route to Jason Witten on back-to-back snaps.
    Bill Callahan is working with the O-line while Jason Garrett/Wade Wilson supervise 7-on-7s.
    Barry Church comes up with a diving pick, got up and scored. Orton's low throw in the flat went off Tanner's hands.
    Dez Bryant gets crowd buzzing with a leaping catch over Orlando Scandrick on back-shoulder throw. Good coverage, better catch.

    Rowan Kavner ‏@KavnerDC 1h
    Not the area you want to see Ron Leary and LP to start camp

    Bryan Broaddus ‏@BryanBroaddus 1h
    @rjtanner: @BryanBroaddus are they in pads or just shells?” Helmets and jersey. Romo has his on.
    Nice job by Carr to rebound after giving up the IN to Bryant. Drives on the OUT to knock ball away from Williams
    Nice push on the right side with Free and Arkin to get a crease for Dunbar to hit. Combo block worked well.

    mike fisher ‏@fishsports 1h
    No doubt #cowboys coach Garrett having fun as he serves as 'QB' completing check-down passes in D drill

    Brandon George ‏@dmn_george 1h
    Dez Bryant beat Brandon Carr for catch in first 11-on-11 play with helmets. Carr came back and knocked pass down to T. Williams.
    Lance Dunbar great burst up middle on run for several yards excited the new RBs coach Gary Brown.

    Brad Sham ‏@Boys_Vox 1h
    With Crawford out & Wilber running 1st for Spencer, 2d DE will be Ikponmwosa Igbinosun. I have to worry about how to pronounce it.

    Charean Williams ‏@NFLCharean 1h
    Spencer standing on side, holding his helmet.
    Sean Lee intercepts a tipped pass.
    Apparently Spencer's knee was bothering him, so they are holding him out until they can check it out. He is walking fine and not in pain.
    These fields are already dig up pretty good. Chance of rain tonight which would make them softer.
    Lance Dunbar has made an impression on the first day.
    Bruce Carter has had a good day, too. He is always around the football.

    Calvin Watkins ‏@calvinwatkins 1h
    We have too many players on the ground.
    Tony Romo off to a 1-5 1 INT start
    DeMarco Murray looks good today. Running well.

    Clarence Hill ‏@clarencehilljr 1h
    Carter with tip and lee with pick on romo. Nice return by lee
    Joseph Randle dropped a screen pass. Not good
    Romo with nice back to back completions to Bryant and Witten
    Nice on pb by scandrick on deep ball from romo to Bryant
    Church with pick after a screen to tanner from romo was mishandled
    Romo sacked by Ben bass
    Romo throws ball into ground, short of Terrence Williams
    Devonte Holloman with pick of Orton. A big day for turnovers for defense that didn't get many last yr
    Romo sacked by bruce carter
    Dez Bryant with catch of the day, leaping over scandrick to haul in pass from romo. Freakish

    Jean-Jacques Taylor ‏@JJT_ESPNDallas 1h
    Only one practice but tempo certainly seems lot faster...coaches on both sides screaming finish after every play
    Larry Lacewell in the house

    mike fisher ‏@fishsports 1h
    Also, hatcher dives horizontally to earn a pass-defensed in 11-on-11 #cowboys work

    WFAA Sports ‏@wfaasports 52m
    Romo hooks up with Dez in 7-7 and the crowd goes wild. #wfaacowboys @wfaasports

    Carlos A. Mendez ‏@calexmendez 50m
    Sterling Moore getting in the action. Flings Dwayne Harris to the ground, knocks his helmet off. Dreds everywhere. Caught the ball though.
    Me dial Lawrence with a drop. Swing pass. Thrown hard. Behind him. But he had both hands on it. Ball went slick through the gloves.
    Monte Taylor gets a virtual sack of Kyle Orton. Then they roll Orton on the next play. Looked fairly comfortable. Made an ok throw.
    Drop by miles austin on slant from room
    Austin with a rare drop. Slant. A little low. Had a guy coming at him. Miles is not a dropper.
    Albright then Bass get to Romo. Held the ball a long time. Then an incompletion on next play. Did not look happy with way that series ended.
    Holloman goes up for nice two-handed pick of Orton. Caused by pressure of safety blitz by McCray. Third D.
    Caleb McSurdy getting some run with the 2s in the middle. Wilcox and Johnson the safeties behind him. They've given Orton trouble in pass D.
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    If Jason Garrett goes 4-4 imagine Eli, Peyton......
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    I don't know who Carlos Mendez is but he has not watched MIles Austin too much to say "he is not a dropper" because he most definitely is at times
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    Two blurbs about OL being on the ground annoying. They were bad about that last season.
  5. Future

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    The offense sounds atrocious.
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    The oline at least. Not worried yet though.
  7. Future

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    Fumbles, mishandled screens, and short throws have nothing to do with the OLine.

    I know its just the first day, but its still concerning.
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    Ah. Missed those as I quickly went through it and saw negatives blurbs about the oline.

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