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Discussion in 'News Zone' started by InmanRoshi, Jan 3, 2012.

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    It's funny how the few media opinions I respect all individually and seperately come to the same conclusions.

    Problems with the Cowboys December...

    I can't speak to previous years, all I know is that this year they're just not very good. Tony Romo could be the best QB in the league one day. Right now he's just a slight shade below the very best in the game. The Cowboys just have 6 marquee players and then 45 players who just aren't very good. They have one good young offensive lineman. They have a couple of good WRs, although Dez Bryant still needs to improve his game because's he's very limited. They have Ware and Ratliff. They have Sean Lee. Then they have nothing. And I think they got a lot of young players on the team who get in big situations and they press.

    And it's every week. These other guys don't play good one week and play bad the next. When they win it's because Romo had to overcome his team's deficiencies. They had so many opportunities against the Giants. Two recovered fumbles. If Terrence Newman can just even make a tackle on Victor Cruz. If Newman just makes the tackle on 1 play, it's 3rd and 9 and you got the Giants backed up and having to punt. If Abram Elam makes an easy tackle on Bradshaw you got the Giants 3rd and Goal from the 9. Countless opportunities where good, poised players make the play. Under talented and mentally fragile players don't because they panic.
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    I like Dilfer too and he nailed this, along with Sturm.
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    Agreed. Dilfer is spot on, and just think we locked up OScan and Sens to be the back-bone of our secondary for a few years. Hate it.
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    A point I left out but I also agree with.

    Witten is a great TE, but he's slowing down a little bit. I think he's reached the peak of his career arc and is going to slow down from here on out. I don't think he sucks. I don't think he needs to be immediately replaced. I do think it would be wise of the Cowboys to find a cheap 2nd TE supplement as a pass catching that Romo trusts in 2 TE sets to take a little bit of pressure off of Witten. I'm not advocating drafting another Bennett or Fasano in the 2nd round. But would it cost too much to find a Delaney Walker or a David Thomas or an Andrew Quarless and have he and Witten run complimetary routes off each other the way that Aaron Hernandez and Gronk do? That's what really good offenses are doing in the NFL, and that's really the type of quick, intermediary passing attack that best suits Romo's strengths.
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    no need to tiptoe....come right out and say it...because you would be correct. That is the problem with this franchise. Too afraid to step on toes. Witten needs a speedier guy to complement him. You have to do that sooner as opposed to later. To get the ball in the hands of players that are more explosive...Witten is going to have to give up touches. This is not about his maybe/maybe not march into the HOF. This is about us winning. And there are way too many times when he needs to get one or two yards...and he simply does not get them.
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    That was a v good read.

    In terms of quality players, I would say

    D Murray - though his number of games played is limited
    M Austin
    D Bryant - he needs to continue to improve of course
    T Smith
    Robinson - as a third wideout he is quality IMO
    D Free - playing RT. that's the better position for him I think

    On defense,

    S Lee
    Jenkins - if he plays with his head on right

    That's about it.
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    I think Sensy is a safety that can start for a playoff caliber team.

    My biggest issue is I think there are about 30 players on the roster that could be cut today that wouldn't be on an opening day roster for another team in 2012.
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    I agree with the 30, though it actually may be more than that...what a sad state this franchise is in....
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    Heck, we'd be better off cutting at least 25 players:

    Here's the players I keep (no surprises):

    Kowalski (sp)

    FG kicker
    Long Snapper

    Feel free to add below few more potential promising young players I might have missed:
  10. Gaede

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    Great points all around...
  11. Dave_in-NC

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    That really is sad. But it's part of the rebuilding process so we are told.
    Only no one that matters will say we are rebuilding.
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    I love to hear Dilfer talk about the NFL. Respect very much his perspective.

    I agree with the overall premise that we have talent issues. But I also don't want to overreact. The "30" number is a bit misleading IMO. I'd phrase it more as finding a handful more impact players capable of holding down their spot AND covering for some of his teammates. That is what the Romo, Ware, Lee, etc. do. When other teams have to account for them, it redirects resources away from the lesser guys, freeing them up to be more competent.

    Emmitt built a reputation for his O-lineman in part because he cleaned up their messes sometimes when they made them.

    Yes, we need better depth too. Good teams can overcome some injuries. But I think it starts with adding more impact players (or whatever term you want to give them).
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    Dilfer breaks it down on a regular basis better than all the rest of those guys.

    I also loved his representation of where Tebow is right now. Nothing harsh but no kissing up etiher--just a clear assessment of what things look like at this early stage in his career and late stage of this season.
    Not sure if anyone saw that, but it was dead on.
  14. CoCo

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    When you see the veteran purge that took place this summer you don't need anyone to verbalize it.
  15. Cowboys&LakersFan

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    Dilfer pretty much nailed it.
  16. Dave_in-NC

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    Then they need to stop with the we expected more mantra.
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    John Carlson is a free agent and coming off of injury. He might be looking for a 1 year try out deal. I'd love to pair him with Witten in a 2 TE set.
  18. DFWJC

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    Carlson can play, imo.
    Can he block ok?
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    What did he say?
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