Trip to Dallas (Marcus Spears + photos)

Discussion in 'Members Zone' started by LSUAmy, Jan 3, 2006.

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    I took a trip to Dallas this weekend to visit Marcus Spears and his family and see the Cowboys play. As most of you know, I am Marcus's number one fan, so it was really exciting to finally get to see him play in the NFL in person. Unfortunately the 'Boys lost, but I still had a good time. Stayed with Marcus's wonderful mother in Dallas and visited with Marcus at his home before the game. Here are a few pics for whoever wants to see them. Just so y'all know, even though everything has changed around Marcus, he hasn't changed a bit--- still the same classy, down-to-earth guy he's always been! Truly one of LSU's finest! Geaux Tigers and Geaux Cowboys!

    Marcus and me at his home before the game. He's bending down to get on my level, because I am certainly not that tall!

    With his fiancee Aiysha.

    Marcus with my mom... she donned her LSU gear b/c she doesn't have any Cowboys stuff yet (don't worry, I'm working on that for next season)

    With Marcus and his mother before the game. (hi Ms. Irma!!)



    Marcus signed this LSU National Championship poster for me:
    "Love you Amy. I thank you for sticking w/ me through the good and bad times. Love Ya Baby. God Bless My #1 fan 4-Life--- Marcus Spears #84" That will DEFINITELY be framed and going on my wall.

    View from our seats--- thanks Marcus!!
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    Wow that is amazing. Do you mind if I ask how you know him? That must have been a special experience.
  4. LSUAmy

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    No Hiero it's fine... I met Marcus at the beginning of his senior year-- I had a shirt made that said Spears for Heisman... and apparently he really got a kick out of it, ha. Met him after the LSU game, and got to know him and his family more every week. Marcus started calling me his number one fan... and it just kind of continued from there. Got to go to his draft party... so it's been very special to get to know such an amazing person.
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    I'm awe-struck. Thanks for sharing.
  6. WoodysGirl

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    Glad u had a good time, even tho the 'boys lost, Amy. And the pics are wonderful.

    Thank you for this look inside Marcus' world.
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    Congrats. Awesome experience and sounds like Spears is a geniuine great guy. Its good to have people on this board so we can sort get a personal feel for the players on the team. Hope he is around for a long time and tares up the league.
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    spears is really a class guy. I remember the billboard he rented out at LSU and he has been a good guy here in Dallas.
  9. The Fonz

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    wow thanks Amy for sharing nice of you..I am glad even as he become a star football player he still down to earth thanks again :bow:
  10. Faerluna

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    Wonderful pics - thanks for sharing! :)
  11. LSUAmy

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    Since the mods don't seem to be responding, I'm asking you both to please delete your classless, personal attack posts. I probably won't post anything else like this again because I forgot... apparently 13 year old boys frequent this board. Actually, that's an insult to 13 year old boys everywhere.
  12. jterrell

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    The poster was kind enough to share PERSONAL photos with us.

    Do NOT crap on the thread or make inappropriate comments.
    This isn't the showtime at the apollo thread where you try out comedy routines guys.
    Show a little respect for a unique offering.

    Thank You Amy for sharing.
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    Nice pics.

    Did you tell Marcus to visit us here at the ZONE yet?

  14. crazytown41

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    Great pics!

    I'm always amazed how classy/good guys can play such a physical/violent sport.
  15. The Fonz

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    Amy we really do appreciate your sharing with us. I can assure you 99.9% of the people of this site all class act ,informed and respectful ,I for one proud to be around them.don't let one jerk taint ur image about the zone
    he isn't even a regular member
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    Ya, we need some more boys exposure on this site. Tell him to come on over! Don't let some jerks ruin this experience.
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    nice pics

    i wish i had the chance to be friends with one of the players

    do you happen to know Bradie James too?
  18. arglebargle

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    Always nice to see a Cowboys player of great class, someone really worthy of cheering for. Everything I have heard about Marcus Spears speaks of a great hardworking fella who is of great character. Gonna be even more fun rooting for him and the Cowboys next year.

    You chose well, '# 1 fan'...
  19. Zaxor

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    Thanks LSUAMY

    I really wish you wouldn't let the knuckleheads ruin it for the rest of us...

    So you got to see the game live...any takes on how the season went...

    any idea how Marcus is feeling... I mean is he worn out my understanding is it can be an awfully long season for some rookies...I really thought he started playing better towards the end of the season
  20. Murph80

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    Thank You! Very Nice.

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