News: Troy Aikman: Cowboys never had loud home crowds; a lot of Dallas fans go 'to be seen'

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Oct 10, 2012.

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    I have seen people blame it on the new stadium, but at the games I have gone to, it's the fans. They just don't cheer for the team. I have no idea why. :confused:

    It's not like that at the Rangers game. In fact, when I was at a game this Summer I loved the crowd! They cheered for the Rangers the whole time. And it wasn't a very exciting game. I think the score was 1-2.
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    The Cotton Bowl - was my first game. Against St. Louis in 1970. I was 15. We lost to St. Louis 38-0. The crowd was loud - as I remember.

    Texas Stadium - my next several games. My dad had season tickets to the Cowboys in Texas Stadium from 1971 until I moved from Dallas in 1992. Went all the time. Saw many of the legendary games.

    The crowds at Texas Stadium were an embarrassment. I can't tell you how many times I would be up yelling at some great play and I was the only one standing. It was weird then. It's weird now, based on what I've observed.

    At the time, I just thought the crowd was spoiled. Just too used to winning so it became boring and droll. Now, I just think it was a 'Corporate' crowd. They are the only ones that could afford it - even then. Very 'proper'.

    Cowboys Stadium - haven't been. What a monument to Jerry.... pole dancers, gigantic HD TV's, art work, massive doors... Who has time for football?
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    Well Cowboy home game crowds always have been known as the "wine and cheese crowd..." No real shocking revelation here.
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    I went to the 2007 game against the Rams. Had an extremely tight schedule, drove 10 hours through the night and watched the games, only to drive 10 hours home.

    The loudest point in the game was after Romo made that crazy scramble. That's not to say that they didn't get loud at other times but the entire building was pretty wild after that play.

    There were times where it seemed like there was one large mumble across the entire stadium as though people were just carrying on a conversation. IMO, it just didn't seem like the crowd was all that into it other than the big plays on both sides of the ball. Then again, I'm comparing to personal experience and I've been to a number of games at Allen Fieldhouse and that place gets out of control.
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    Aikman is right. Been this way for ever it seems.
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    I was at Reliant Stadium last year when the Texans played the Steelers. That stadium was rocking, every offensive play for the Steelers the crowd was on its feet, third downs were deafening. It was an awesome football atmosphere.
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    Really I don't think so....follow the money...Troy is not stupid. Just follow the money and you will see Jerry's Boy's...... take a good look at the money and it will tell Jerry Jones story better than anyone in the media can.
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    It's getting all MAD up in here.

    MAD -- as in Mutually Assured Destruction. This franchise has been down so long, everything part of or even associated with it is getting nuked. That includes the owner, the front office, the coaches, the players, and the fans.

    Something really needs to change, and soon.
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    You're absolutely right on here. I've been made to feel this way too. You get proverbial "you're an idiot" look, because you're cheering too loud at an NFL game. I actually got even louder when I got the evil eye.;)
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    For years there was no tailgating at Texas stadium.
    When Jerry bought the cowboys he changed that, but can't remember what year. And then the city of Irving limited it to certain parking lots. People just couldn't set up and tail gate wherever they wanted.

    Maybe it's like that at other stadiums, but does not seem like it. So you don't get the tanked up loud fans right away being loud.

    Not saying this is the main reason, but it contributes to the problem.

    At the new stadium, it's also limited, you can only set up to tailgate on the perimeters on the lots.
    At least for cooking food. Again I believe this is the city of Arlington controlling this.

    So you can't get the party crowd loud atmosphere at the beginning of the games, and unless you want to spend $9 a beer and drink them fast to get in that rowdy crowd mood. it's just not going to happen, if you want that atmosphere. Which seems we never have that loud endzone crowd either.

    They just sit there on their phones and ipads.
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    I have ranted on about this plenty. Out is aggravating.

    But I think out mostly reflects the complete lack of confidence, and frankly embarrassment, that Cowboy fans feel over the incompetence of the Jethro Clampett in charge.

    He's the albatross hanging in the stadium.
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    It's amazing the difference in Cowboy fans on the road and at home. I have personally seen us take over stadiums in San Diego, San Francisco, Miami, Jacksonville, Tampa and Atlanta.

    I know we have great fan bases in DC and NY, Phoenix and KC and I also know everyplace else there are always a lot of Cowboy fans. Hell, I was at the famous Buffalo game a few years ago and was blown away by the amount of fans from Canada who were there.

    The road games are great because the fans of both teams are so amped up trying to outdo each other.

    Sad to say but give me a game in San Diego over Cowboy stadium any day.
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    They were talking about this on "The Fan" this morning, and one of the Ravens players they interviewed talked about their success at home, and how much the fans are a big part of that. The team feeds off of their energy, and it gives them that extra motivation to play well, and keep the fans in the game. Following that, one of the radio hosts said he had a friend that doesn't go to NFL games often, but he went to a game in Denver recently, and couldn't believe the difference in crowd noise vs. Cowboys stadium.

    With all of the recent coverage over this, including Aikman's comments, maybe this will serve as a wakeup call to the fans to pick things up a notch or 20 at the games... maybe.
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