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    :star: Troy Kenneth Aikman :star:
    1989 - 2000

    QB, UCLA


    Troy Kenneth Aikman. . .Cowboys’ first-round draft pick (1st player overall), 1989. . .Led team to three Super Bowl wins. . .Winningest starting quarterback of any decade with 90 of 94 career wins occurring in 1990s. . .Held or tied 47 Dallas passing records. . .Posted 13 regular season and four playoff 300-yard passing games. . .Named to six Pro Bowls, All-Pro 1993, All-NFC Second Team 1994, 1995. . .Born November 21, 1966, in West Covina, California.

    Inducted in the Pro Football Hall of Fame 8/6/06
    Inducted in Cowboys Ring of Honor 9/19/05

    Super Bowl XXVII MVP
    6 time Pro Bowl...1991 - 1996
    1 time All Pro...1993

    Link to Troy Aikman's Hall of Fame page.
    Link to Troy Aikman's stats.
    Link to Troy Aikman's Home Page.

    Quarterback Troy Aikman finished his collegiate career as the third rated passer in NCAA history. An All-America at UCLA, Aikman joined the Dallas Cowboys as the first overall pick in the 1989 NFL Draft. He became the first Dallas rookie quarterback to start a season opener since Roger Staubach in 1969. Although he showed great promise and threw for a rookie-record 379 yards in a game against the Phoenix Cardinals, the team finished 1-15. As the young quarterback improved, however, so too did the Cowboys' record.

    In 1990, Aikman completed 226 of 399 passes for 2,579 yards and 11 touchdowns - the team finished 7-9. The following year he completed an NFC-best 65.3 percent of his passes, and the Cowboys improved to 11-5 and advanced to the second round of the playoffs.


    In 1992, in just his 52nd game, Aikman reached the 10,000-yard passing mark, and his 302 completions were second most in team history. That season also marked the end of Dallas' odyssey from worst to first. With their high-powered offense and stingy defense, the 13-3 Cowboys swept through the 1992 NFL playoffs, scoring a combined total of 116 points in three games including a 52-17 victory over the Buffalo Bills in Super Bowl XXVII. Aikman's 22 of 30 for 273 yards passing and four touchdowns earned him Super Bowl MVP honors.

    Over the next three seasons, the Cowboys enjoyed three consecutive 12-4 records and victories in Super Bowls XXVIII and XXX. Aikman, wide receiver Michael Irvin, and running back Emmitt Smith delivered an offensive attack that opponents found nearly impossible to contain. When defenses focused on Irvin and/or Smith, Aikman would find tight end Jay Novacek or wide receiver Alvin Harper. In the 1994 NFC Divisional Playoff Game against the Green Bay Packers, Aikman completed 23 of 30 passes for 337 yards. Irvin, Novacek, and Harper, each had more than 100 yards receiving. Aikman's 94-yard touchdown pass to Harper was the longest play from scrimmage in NFL post-season history at the time.

    With 90 wins in the 1990s, Aikman became the winningest starting quarterback of any decade in NFL history. Unfortunately, during his final two seasons, injuries began to take a toll on the Dallas quarterback and the team's winning ways. Finally, after the 2000 season, the Cowboys' six-time Pro Bowl selection announced his retirement from football. His career statistics include 32,942 yards and 165 touchdowns for a passer rating of 81.6.
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    Watching the Rose Bowl in 1989, I called my dad and told him he need to watch also. Not being a big college guy he asked why. I told him the QB for UCLA was going to be the starting QB for the Cowboys for years to come and would lead us back to the super bowl. I will never forget that conversation and how history played out after that.
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    On the 6 year anniversary of the announcement of his retirement we Honor him.

    I have a story that I want to one day tell Troy Aikman, not that I expect him to care. Maybe he will. I've shared this with the forum before.

    My Grandfather played and scouted for the Packers. My whole family are Packers fans. The first game I ever watched was the Colts vs. Cowboys in Super Bowl V. My Grandpa, dad, and uncle were all upset at one point over Unitas not playing. So, wanting to impress them I announced that I was a Cowboys fan and they all were telling me that was great.

    I had no idea they meant for that day only, and I think they had no idea I meant forever. Grandpa died a year later and every summer for 2 weeks we went and stayed at my Grandma's in Albuquerque, New Mexico. One summer all the kids were swimming and I was watching a pre-season game, Cowboys vs. Steelers and my Grandma came in to ask me why I wasn't swimming with the rest of the crew.

    I told her that I wanted to watch the game and to my surprise (she hated football) she sat down and asked me to explain the damn game to her. She had already had a few when she arrived and was feeling no pain. At one point in the game Madden was talking about Landry's love for Bill Bates because "he hits anything that moves." By this time Grandma was into it. I mean really into it. She would stand up (unsteadily) and shout "kill him, break his legs" on just about every solid tackle. I was laughing my rear end off.

    So Bates has to tackle Franco Harris on one play and Franco just destroyed him. Madden said, "Mr. Bates, welcome to the NFL." My Grandma told Madden to shut up. The very next play Bates knifed through and absolutely drilled Franco. He blew him up. He got "Jacked Up" kind of hit. I remember Franco's shoes flew off. Madden said, "Mr. Harris, welcome back to the NFL." Grandma lifted her bourbon glass in tribute. I roared.

    We had a ball. It created a bond between my Grandma and me. To the shock of the family she announced she was a Cowboys fan too. We talked after every game for the next 3 years. Bill Bates was her favorite player.

    In 1988 my Grandma, a voracious smoker, got lung cancer. In October of that year, the Cowboys stunk, and we got the call that she was dying. All the grandkids were asked to come say goodbye. One by one we went in to see her and say our goodbyes. I was the last.

    She said to me, "Oh Mikey, what are we going to do about our Cowboys." She knew. Sick as she was she had paid attention. I said, "don't worry Grandma, the Cowboys are going to draft Troy Aikman, the QB at UCLA and win two more Super Bowls." She smiled, squeezed my hand, and went to sleep, exhausted from her day. It was the last thing anyone ever said to her and the last thing she ever said. She died in her sleep that night.

    The Cowboys went 3-13, Jerry bought the team and hired Jimmy to replace Tom Landry, and we drafted Troy Aikman. Even though his rookie year was rough I could see the greatness in him. I still say he is the most poised QB I have ever seen in the pocket and what else can you say about his accuracy?

    After the Cowboys won Super Bowl XXVIII and everyone had left my apartment I had one thing left to do. I went out on the balcony and looked up to heaven and talked one last time to my Grandma. "We did it."

    Troy Aikman will always hold a special place in my heart because of that promise being fulfilled.
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    My most memorable moment was back when the Cowboys played the 49ers for the NFC Championship (1993, I believe). The 49ers had home filed and were considered the best team in the league with Steve Young, a still-prime Jerry Rice, Ricky Watters (I believe) and a monster defense. On the other hand, the Cowboys were the youngins with Emmit, Michael, and Troy. Anyway, The 49ers jumped out to an early lead when Young hit Rice for a long pass. But then, Aikman showed his poise under the circumstances, in a championship game on the road, against the favored team and the fans going bannanas...Troy came back and caught Alvin Harper for a deep strike on his way to a spectacular game. Irvin and Novacek had big days as well as Smith. It was my first time witnessing the glory days of the Cowboys and I knew then that the boys would be agreat team for years to come.
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    I didn't and still don't follow the College game that much, so I didn't know Troy's college days. I remember back early 1990's going to a sports bar with a buddy of mine who was a Redskins fan to see the two teams play (Bfore DirectTV

    The Skins had just won the Superbowl and he was talking trash, Troy threw a hail mary right before halftime to I think ALvin Harper, who caught it for a TD. After that his trash talking grew into something I had never heard from him before, respect. He said you have great young talent on your team and you will be going places. It had been a long time since someone else finally talked about my team with respect, it actually caught me off guard.

    I was such a die hard Landry fan it waqs hard for me to except Jimmy and his new crew, especially after we went 1-15 his 1st year. I actually recorded the 1 win against Washington that year and watched that game over and over.

    I have always been and always will be a Cowboys fan and Troy brought us respect again and it was a great ride, thanks Troy.
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    The meeting

    I'll never forget the day I called my wife into the living room to show her our next great QB....Tom Landry was having a visit with him at the Cotton Bowl.

    The 1st game

    @ the Saints.....Troy threw a 15 yard out..just over and between 2 defenders finger tips..right into the receivers hands whose feet were just inbounds....a pass only a great QB would make.

    Of course it was the Saints Super Bowl, even though Dallas came in from that 3-13 season..but it didn't stop them from bringing the roof down. The Cowboys installed a silent snap count...that Aikman performed to perfection. Not one illegal procedure the whole game.

    These 2 instances installed the belief that Troy, was indeed, the right selection for these Cowboys.
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    I wanted Aikman so bad I could taste it.

    Then I had to wait for the final game between the Packers and Cardinals to see if the Packers would win and give the Cowboys the first pick...They did thank God.

    Then I watched and taped and still have the 1989 Cotton Bowl.

    With I think the best college football music...on CBS...Gets me pumped every time I hear it.

    Troy and UCLA taking on Dallas.

    All the excitement knowing that here was our guy and being ecstatic about it.

    There was never any doubt in my mind that Aikman would lead us to a Super Bowl win eventually(Ah youth)...But I didn't see 3 out of 4.

    Went to the Monday night game to see the triplets Inducted to the Ring of Honor.

    The Cowboys will be very lucky to ever get another QB like him.:star:

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    Aikman and the '90s Cowboys were really what re-sparked the fanaticism I have in the 'boys today.

    Funny, the only thing that stands out to me about Aikman from back then was the scowl on his face. He always had one...whether the team was winning or losing, his expression was always intense.
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    Hos sorry to hear about your losses and that was a way to create a bond with your Grandma :)

    it wasn't tell 93 that i started watching football so i got to see Troy work his stuff, my cousin who lives in Iowa told me about the cowboys and how great they were, he gave me a poster of Troy's it had "silver bullet" on it, i wish i still had it :(
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    I see Aikman about once every 3 mths at the Whole Foods on Preston Road. He's apparently a big fan of Dannon Fruit On The Bottom Yogurt, and Kashi GoLean Crunch cereal.
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    how lucky we were to get Troy here

    the final game of the 1988 season, all the Packers had to do was lose on the road to the Cardinals and the #1 pick was theirs...the Cards were actually pretty decent that yr, having won 7 of their first 11...they lost 4 in a row to drop out of playoff contention but were still heavy favs at home over the lowly 3-12 Packers

    instead the Pack won (as they had the previous week) to finish 4-12 and we of course lost our finale 23-7 to the Eagles...if memory serves me correctly Aikman was in attendance of the Packers game and was wearing a Packers hat

    how lucky we were...we'd have never won those 3 super bowls without Aikman...IMO he's one of the most underrated, underappreciated super star players in league history...doesnt get near the credit for how good he really was, as too many people still have this totally assinine idea that we ran the ball 90% of the time behind an OL that opened up gaping holes play after play and on the rare occassion that we did pass, Aikman was never hit...none of that is true of course but that is the perception

    give me #8 in his prime today with nothing arround him and I'll have a championship team within 3yrs...gimmee #8 on THIS Dallas team, and I'd guarantee a championship this yr

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    Made it down to the '89 Cotton Bowl to watch Hogs v. Bruins. Troy was brutally efficient as UCLA beat up Arkansas that day.

    The other memory I have is one during his rookie season. In Tempe, Dallas was locked into an entertaining battle with the Cardinals. Troy dropped back and threw a dart on a slant to James Dixon that went for a long touchdown.

    The most impressive thing about this throw was Aikman was absolutely blasted on the play as he released the ball. I believe it resulted in a concussion, but the throw was perfect. Everything about that play was bigtime.

    One of the few bright spots in a 1-15 season. But you could see where this thing was headed.
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    I remember being at his 2nd game in 1989, here vs Atlanta

    we jumped out to a lead on a long TD to Michael was a a great throw and we appeared to be heading for a W that day, instead we lost 27-21...I remember Herschel fumbled 2 or 3 times that day too...a few weeks later Herschel was sent off to Minny

    I was also at the Monday night game vs Atlanta in 1992 when we clinched the NFC East for the first time since 1985...Aikman played one of the best games I have ever seen a QB play...he missed 3 passes that night, one was a throw away and I think one was dropped...we beat the hell out of the Falcons that night

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    Totally agree with everything you said.

    The Football Gods smiled on us with Aikman.

    He was Great. Period.
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    my favorite player of all time is Troy. My favorite Cowboy moment is with troy, it is when he was was holding the #1 sign up in superbowl 92. I was crying on the ground when he left.:cry3: but I rememberd no one will ever forget the name Aikman.

    I could stay here all day typing about aikman :pc: but I won't waste your time its just I still wish he was playing.he is what you would call the great american player. he is one of those guys who walked the walk but barely talked he just did what he was payed to do win championships.:lombardi:
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    This is one of my favorite photos of him. Even though we didn't prevail that day, he never ever gave up.
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    What a great story!, congratulations for those great moments!


    Go Cowboys!
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    I've often thought that "you don't pick your favorite players, your favorite players pick you."

    By that I mean, you don't have very many TRULY favorite players, and the ones you do have you can't really fully explain why they turned out to be your favorites, as compared with the MANY players that you just like to watch and root for.

    Your favorite players are the ones you live and die with. Your favorite players are the ones that you could almost (I said almost :)), leave your favorite team over if they were to be traded. Your favorite players are the ones that you bask in their glory and hurt in their failures.

    Some of your favorite players are great, some of them are just good but for some reason they captured your imagination.

    In baseball, I had Cesar Cedeno. For some reason, as a kid, he was just the greatest player I thought I had ever seen play. In baseball I've never had another favorite player like that.

    In basketball it was Lew Alcindor, who became Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. Later it was Robert Reid of the Rockets, and now it is Dirk of the Mavs.

    But football was always my favorite sport, and in football it was Roger Staubach, followed by Tony Dorsett.

    And in then in 1989 along came Troy Aikman. One of those rare favorite players. My imagination was captured in the Cotton Bowl game when he was playing for UCLA.

    I hoped that we could get him, would get him, with the #1 pick for the 1989 season.

    Wish came true, then the ups and downs of 89-91.

    Listening to all the doubters. Listening to some idiots along the way like Skip Bayless and Terry Bradshaw. All bashing Aikman in their own way.

    Then 1992, and vindication.

    The rest is history.

    I wish for a new favorite player in football. Don't have one at the moment. Have my favorite team, always, the Cowboys. But don't know when another Staubach, or Dorsett or Aikman will come along.

    As I've often thought, you don't choose your favorite players so much as they come along and choose you.
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    I remember staying up late the following week to watch him play in the Japan Bowl on ESPN. He played like crap, but it mattered not.

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