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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by PlayMaker88, Jan 31, 2005.

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    I am a Gamecock fan living in South Carolina. I have seen almost every game,either in person or on TV, that Troy has played in. For what its worth here's my assement:

    Positives : As everyone already knows he has great speed and can turn a 5 to 10 yrd route into a 80 yrd TD catch. I have never seen him caught from behind. He has decent hands and will sometimes make very tough catches. He put up pretty good stats without much help from his QB or coaching staff. With better coaching he should catch the ball better.

    Has games where he dissapears. Has trouble getting off the line against in your face coverage. Will drop an easy catch from time to time. The majority of his big games came against lesser teams, although that was not always the case. Only had one really big year.

    My friends and I were very suprised when he announced that he would not come back for his senior year, especially with Steve Spurriur taking over.
    He said he did so for monatery reasons. We both come from the same area of S.C. so I can believe that. I did not believe at first that he would go any higher than the 2nd round, however it seems as though his speed will get him well into the first.
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    Interesting stuff thanks!
    So he has not only outstanding speed, but good insticts running with the ball?

    What do you think his stats are for:

    *Size & weight
    *40 time
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    I don't know if its good instincts as much as just great flat out speed. If you miss the tackle, he is gone. I am sure draft sites have his exact measurables, but I would guess 6"2 around 190 at least 4.4 or better speed.
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    You'll be able to see exactly what he measures and weighs at the combine. No idea if he runs there.
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    Troy Williamson:
    School: South Carolina
    Position: Wide Receiver
    Class: Junior
    Height: 6'2"
    Weight: 200lbs
    Birthday: 4/30/83
    40 Time: 4.35 (estimated)

    Great body control and deep speed, Williamson is a deep threat with game-breaking ability. Williamson has gone up against some of the nation’s best cornerbacks the past two seasons at SC and has dominated his opponents. With good height and speed, Williamson has the explosiveness to breakaway from defenders.

    Williamson could really use some work on his route running. At SC, he was not asked to do much and became too much of a freelancer. He’s also skinny, which some interpret as fragile. Williamson has really been lost in the talk about Braylon Edwards and Mike Williams.

    Overall Analysis:
    For a team looking for a deep threat, Williamson fits the bill. With the new emphasis on defenders playing receivers clean, teams will be looking for more and more receivers to stretch the field. Troy has enough speed and elusiveness to get away from defenders, although he will need to add strength to beat the jam. A first round player all the way.

    Reminds You Of:
    Michael Clayton​
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    Playmaker, coming from SEC country I know you will remember this.

    A WR from the Univ of TN game out of no where to be drafted #13. He ran a blistering 4.30 forty at the combine. Now (IMO) Troy is a better WR than this guy drafted by the Saints. Both guys played in the SEC. Both fomer track stars. Both are/were projected to be better pro's than colliegents.

    That player is Donte Stallworth. Donte is the best comparison to Troy Williamson, for some of the reasons mentioned above.

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