Troy Williamson Highlight Video..

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by InmanRoshi, Mar 29, 2005.

  1. InmanRoshi

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    He look like the next young Terry Glenn....


    But the Cowboys still should get the MIKE WILLIAMS...
    <<<That kid is a freak...< Don't get this mixed up with the Michael Jackson language
  3. Rack Bauer

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    Considering that was his highlight film, I'm not impressed. I mean, there's a few plays in there that have no business being a part of a highlight film. And most of the plays that are highlights is basically just him running real fast. He only has like 2 plays where he breaks a tackle and/or makes someone miss and does something with the ball other then run fast.

  4. jamez25

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    thanks for the link !
  5. Cbz40

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    THanks ...enjoyed that.
  6. Qwickdraw

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    The guy only had 43 receptions in his biggest year (last year). That's why his highlight clip is a little weak. I agree that some of those clips arent really worthy of much but he did look really fast in all of them.
    I see a potentially great NFL receiver in this kid with a little polish and a good QB throwing to him.
    Thanks for the post.

    Anyone know where I can see some Roddy White highlights?
    I love what I've read about him and right now, he's my #1 choice for WR (aside from Edwards and M. Williams, of course).
  7. royhitshard

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    Thanks for the link. I would rather have Clayton or White since most likely we will not get Williams or Edwards.
  8. chicago JK

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    thanks for the link. You are gambling with Williamson with his upside, but some talent evaluaters think his upside is higher than anyone else in the draft. You saw in the highlights that he played in a terrible passing offense but he didn't have much problem getting seperation from DB's. Early in his career he will be a homerun threat but the hope is he can develop into a number one in time as he continues to develop.
  9. InmanRoshi

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    The highlight film is nearly 6 minutes long. That's over twice as long as your average highlight clip. If there was a player with a 6 minutes highlight film of one game breaking play after another, we wouldn't have a shot at him at #11 or #20. I kind of like the fact that it showed him just making a 12 yard post. You get a chance to see him square off a route, catch with his hands with the ball in front of him and keep his feet in bounds ... all the little things a WR needs to do, but guys like Randal Williams can't.

    Award ceremonies for the most productive college players were handed out in December, that's not what this is about. I just look at tools and talent in these clips. Its obvious the guy has it coming out of the ears. He didn't have a QB who could get the ball to him on the flys in stride. On every deep catch he either has to slow down for the ball or come back to it.
  10. calicowboy54

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    he catches with his body to much. he needs to be puting his hands out in front and going for the ball. unstead of letting it come to him.
  11. MiStar

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    He goes down rather easily.
  12. Rack Bauer

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    SEVERAL of those plays are repeated in that clip. Some of them are played 3-4 times. And I didn't say anything about the amount of time the video was, just that some of the plays didn't belong in there, and that even the highlights, for the most part, are just plays where he runs really fast. He only does something "special" with the ball on 2 clips.

    Finally somebody that can give an open minded assessment.

    For a "Highlight" video it isn't impressive. If most of those were just routine plays and the actual highlights were on a separate video then I'd be impressed. And some mocks have us drafting that guy at #11. I wouldn't mind him in the second round or maybe a trade down from #20, but I wouldn't spend any of our two current first round picks on him.
  13. InmanRoshi

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    That's the difference between us.

    I'm looking for foot speed, initial explosion and burst out of cuts, while you're counting how many times they replayed a clip.
  14. Rack Bauer

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    The difference between us is you have no clue whereas I know *** I'm talking about. I didn't intentionally count anything. It's not my fault I can see when the SAME clip is played (but from a different angle) and have the ability to COUNT them.

    Again... :rolleyes:
  15. Dyluke

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    Are you really going to make me watch that 10 minute documentary again and count on 1 hand how many cuts he makes?
  16. playmakers

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    To me he plays just like Antonio Bryant, he looks like a mirror image
  17. Howboutdemcowboys31

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    Clayton > Williamson
  18. Paniolo22

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    I think a more accurate comparison would be Ashley Lelie from Denver. He was in a pass offense in Hawaii though, and had his hands tested much more. Same top notch speed though, and clear explosiveness. It took Lelie until this past year to finally make an impact though, probably take Williamson the same 3 years to do well.
  19. InmanRoshi

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    So, judging by your talent evaluation, I guess you're predicting he's a Day 2 caliber player.

    I think he'll be long gone by the 20th pick.

    If you have the guts to stand by your asssesment, I'll bump the thread back up on draft day and we'll see which one of us knows what they're talking about.
  20. AsthmaField

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    He obviously has some talent. What bothers me about him though, is that he seems a little too "straight linish". I know he didn't do too well on his three cone drill and his short shuttle times, and watching him on tape just showed that.

    He's very fast, but I didn't see a lot of explosion.

    Still, I think he's talented. Pick 20 maybe... definately not before then.

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