Trying P90X - How do you Work-out?

Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by Joe Rod, Jan 21, 2010.

  1. Joe Rod

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    When we moved to Fort Mill, I had to give up all my gym equipment except my adjustable dumbells because we did not have a spot for a weight-room (which is weird because we actually increased our living space by almost 1,000 square feet).

    Sooo, I am trying P90X because all that it requires are dumbbells and a chin-up bar.

    I was surprised at just how sore I am after my first work-out (chest / back / abs). Never expected to feel this rough. Plyometrics for Day 2 today.

    Anyone else tried this or have any other home work-outs that they do???
  2. Sam I Am

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    Several people here have tried this. You should search this forum, this (P90X) thread pops up ever few months.
  3. Yeagermeister

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  4. Joe Rod

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    I did a couple of searches but in many instances it didn't really answer how some of the user ended up doing after they tried it.
  5. Sam I Am

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    I just queried an ex-co-worker of mine who has it. He said he stopped using it around November, but that was because his schedule became very screwed up.

    He said he liked everything except the Yoga. Said he just isn't a Yoga type of person.

    Good luck with it. Report back after a month or so. :)
  6. CATCH17

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    I've heard a lot of people say they like it but I just can't stand in front of a tv and do that.

    I'd rather put on the mp3 player and go run then do some pushups.
  7. Sam I Am

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    I didn't realize it was a video that you have to stand in front of to do. I thought you just watched it until you learned the routine.
  8. Hoofbite

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    You could. But there's like a dozen discs of varying workouts.

    You'd probably have to be Rainman to memorize the routine in a short period of time.
  9. Joe Rod

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    The first disk wasn't that difficult to learn from and you get a download of the routine so you can write in your results. In other words, you don't have to watch it if you don't want to. I plan on doing the disk for a few weeks, then turning the sound off and cranking my ipod through my system so I can watch, but don't have to hear it.
  10. tomson75

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    It is, but you can memorize most of them, or go buy the book that comes with it. you don't NEED the DVD's......but I suggest them. I found that on the days I wasn't particularly motivated the DVD's helped keep me going.

    P90x works. Plain and simple.


    1. It takes up a lot more time than they would lead you to believe. I found myself dedicating around a minimum of 1 hour a day, often 3 hours, to the system.

    2. Yoga is ****ing hard. After the initial soreness stage with almost all of the exercises, the only thing I had a difficult time with was yoga. It's boring, and very difficult to keep motivated least for me.

    3. It's extremely hard not to interrupt the system. The "90" in p90x is for the number of days you're supposed to commit to it. If you have a job, a family, a pet, a friend or two.......I think you'll find that at some point you'll get thrown off track. However, I really don't think its that big of a deal if it takes you 120 days. It's still a damn good workout. In fact, I've just adopted my favorite parts of the system to use as a maintenance routine until I restart the system or do Crossfit.
  11. hairic

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    "Unnecessary" yard work. That's my workout.

    After years of traditional exercises (isometrics, plyometrics, strength training, bodybuilding, etc with weighted vests, bands, swiss balls, and different medicine ball weights/sizes), I transferred the energy to manual labor.

    Now my workouts create value. The only problem is it's much less safe than an exercise done with proper form.
  12. TheCount

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    Is this for losing weight or gaining muscle? Probably both, but I'm trying to find a routine for adding mass since I'm already naturally skinny. It's insanely hard for me to gain weight and I kind of get discouraged easily if I don't see results.
  13. CATCH17

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    I cleaned for 5 hours after the Cowboys loss. Didn't watch any of the Jets Chargers game and still can't bring myself to read the Fan Zone :( .
  14. Joe Rod

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    It is geared towards both. The system comes with a nutrition guide to help you plan your meals based on what phase you are in or where you feel you need the most help.
  15. daschoo

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    only exercise i regularly get these days is an hour of seven a side football once a week and the twenty minute walk to and from work.
  16. xWraithx

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    what position do you usually play/are you best at?
  17. Sam I Am

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    Probably the position of pint of ale guzzler! :laugh2:
  18. BraveHeartFan

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    I've done a full round of 90 of it and it works and it works great. The results you see on TV are depending on where you start.

    For example when I did my 90 from May of 2009 to late August 2009 I started out at 280 pounds and around 40% body fat.

    By the end I was down to 237 and about 27% body fat. So it absolutely works. The amount of time it takes you to look like a lot of those folks just depends on how far away you are.

    The real added bonus in there, that is often well over looked, is the stamina increase you will gain from doing this. It's a fantastic program, IMO.

    A little background on mine is that I've actually had the program since December 2007. I had planned, at the time, on starting it in January of 08 but I broke my ankle just before starting and couldn't do it. By the time I got out of the cast, 6 weeks later, I'd lost all the motivation I'd built up through the year of 2007 (I was going to the gym because at the time, when I started in February that year, I was 310 pounds). During that year I dropped from 310 down to about 230 at one point.

    When I got out of the cast I'd ballooned back up to about 265. I did about a month, dropping back down to about 250, but then lost the motivation and quit doing it and did pretty much nothing other than occassion gym visits and my flag football season in the fall of 08.

    By the time May of 09 rolled around I'd managed to lose pretty much all of my stamina gain and was back up to about 280 pounds when I decided I was going to finally do a real, 90 day, run of it.

    Now in that 90 days I missed a few work outs here and there, and I didn't really eat properly at all (i did cut my portions back and tried to eat less junk and such) and that was when I dropped the 40+ pounds and the body fat and all that. So it works.

    After that flag football season started and I got lazy and quit working out again. I know, I'm a doofus. So at the end of the year my nephew came to me and said he wanted to start working out with me as well. We decided to start this month and the plan, initially, was going to be to do P90x but then my sister got me Insanity for Christmas. It's another Beachbody Product from a different trainer. It's a mainly cardio based program designed for losing weight and toning more than muscle building so that's what we've decided to do a couple rounds of this year is the 60 days of Insanity to lose weight faster, build up our cardio more, and then around May we're going to start a hybrid of Insanity and P90x.

    Anyway I'm sorry i got off on that tangent but the basic message here is that the workouts can, do, and will work if you just are willing to put in the work.

    The best results will happen though if you really pay attention to your eating. The better you follow the eating plans and such the better the results but just simply watching what you eat, cutting down on the sodas, junk food, and portions will go a long way as well.

    You could easily do that with the resistance workouts like the first day disc you did cause you've got a sheet that tells you everything you need to do. The only real reason to have the DVD on with those is to simply be following their pace which you can do without having any volume. You don't have to listen to them on those.

    The cardio workouts and stretching and Yoga workouts would be different cause there are no sheets and you'd absolutely have to learn the routine entirely by memory. But, again, after you've done them a few times you can simply have it on to follow the pace without volume.

    Exactly. It would be very easy to do this after you've done a routine a couple of times. Just listen to them the first few times to get the tips, hints, and all that so that you know you're doing it all right.

    I disagree about the 3 hours thing. I don't know why you had to dedicate 3 hours a day to it in order to get results but I most certainly didn't. Yes your 'ripped' results are going to take longer than 90 days depending upon how far away you were to begin with.

    As I said above the one round I've done of it I was 280 pounds with like a 40% body fat. There was simply no way that in 90 days, without an absolutely perfect diet (which is my weakest point for sure) that I was going to get anywhere near ripped and even then I most likely wouldn't have. It would take 120 or 150 days from where I started, or even further than where I started.

    The one thing you do learn about P90x is that a lot of the times the people they show on those commercials didn't actually do P90x first. They did P90 first, which is the easier version that came out prior to that, and often by the time they do P90x they were already in decent shape and this took them to the next level. A lot of those people, if you go to the beachbody forums and find their threads and workout groups and look at their pictures, you'll find that they show either their Day 1 pictures, from P90, and their day 90 pictures from P90x (Which is, of course, fudging the facts to make it look that much better) or they'll be their real P90x day one pictures but their '90 Day pictures' will actually be their Day 120 or day 150 pictures.

    It's marketing, for sure, but the really nice thing is that if you actually do go to their forums you can find plenty of threads, and groups, with plenty of people who are posting their legit 90 day pictures and you can see some very real improvements and some of them even as good, or better, than the ones on the commercials.

    The best informercial they've put out thus far is the newest one and it's the best cause they bothered to do the right thing and show a guy, Thomas Mygrant, who did it for over a year to get the ripped results he got because of how out of shape he was when he started.

    So now that it's picking up more steam, and more people are actually using it and seeing results, they're feeling more comfortable being able to add in some of the longer journey's of success. THe fear before was that if you showed too many of those longer journeys, for the people who were in the worst shape, that people wouldn't buy into the program cause it's more than a 90 day committment.

    Just go to the forums and look around a bit and you'll find a ton of great people posting with some awesome stories of success that can really motivate you.

    Both. It's all about what you're wanting cause you can choose from 3 different styles of the program called Classic (The basic one everyone uses), Lean (More cardio, less resistence work for toning and weight loss), and Doubles (which is doing two work outs a day, at points during the 90 days, for extra push).

    Then every single workout itself has all sorts of built in motifications for every single workout to tailor it perfectly to what you're looking for.

    It's a A+ quality program.
  19. daschoo

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    usualy play in the middle of the park though if we're playing a team who are better than us i'll tend to sit further back and try and help out the defence. if we're on the front foot then more of a box to box player (fitness permitting of course)
    i do enjoy a beer after the game :D
  20. tomson75

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    I'm probably exaggerating with 3 hours, but when you include things like warm up, cool down, recovery, shower time, meal planning, meal prep, shopping differences, etc..... certainly takes up more time than the "in just one hour a day" time they suggest.

    It's not really a comlaint, either. It's simply an observation.

    I've trained for college athletics, military, MMA, and by myself. I think I have a fair grasp of what it takes to accomplish the results I choose for myself, and I think I would have a fair sense of what it would take others given a fair enough amount of information to make an assessment.

    It takes time. Period.

    Anyone looking for a quick fix is going to find themselves right back where they started just as quickly....and in some cases, maybe worse off.

    P90x is an excellent program, and I'd recommend it to most people with a modicum of athletic ability, but I think I'd be doing them a favor by forewarning them of the amount of time they may have to commit to. The marketing agency responsible for P90x probably wouldn't agree, as they want nothing but sales, but IMO, its not nearly as schedule-friendly as they portray it.

    Just my opinion.

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