TSN's Pompei 's "Superlative" List

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    Some interesting categories here
    Going deep: Best of the best

    July 20, 2004 Print it

    Senior writer Dan Pompei offers a few superlatives on various situations around the league:

    Best AFC coaching staff: Chiefs.

    Best NFC coaching staff: Redskins.

    Best front office: Falcons.

    Best-prepared quarterback: Peyton Manning, Colts.

    Most fearless quarterback: Brett Favre, Packers.

    Most dangerous scrambler: Michael Vick, Falcons.

    Best touch: Chad Pennington, Jets.

    Quickest offensive lineman: Olin Kreutz, C, Bears.

    Most powerful offensive lineman: Leonard Davis, G, Cardinals.

    Best combination receiving/blocking tight end: Alge Crumpler, Falcons.

    Fastest running back: Clinton Portis, Redskins.

    Shiftiest running back: LaDainian Tomlinson, Chargers.

    Best short-yardage runner: Zack Crockett, Raiders.

    Most physical receiver: Muhsin Muhammad, Panthers.

    Fastest receiver: Chad Johnson, Bengals.

    Fastest defensive back: Champ Bailey, CB, Broncos.

    Hardest-hitting safety: Roy Williams, Cowboys.

    Best diagnostic safety: Rodney Harrison, Patriots.

    Hardest-hitting linebacker: Brian Urlacher, Bears.

    Best end against the run: Michael Strahan, Giants.

    Quickest first step: Dwight Freeney, Colts.

    Best special teams kamikaze: Larry Izzo, Patriots.

    Best free-agent acquisition (offense): Thomas Jones, RB, Bears.

    Best free-agent acquisition (defense): Jevon Kearse, E, Eagles.
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    "Hardest-hitting linebacker: Brian Urlacher, Bears."

    I think most fans would easily pick Ray Lewis.

    "Best NFC coaching staff: Redskins"

    On paper maybe.........The Eagles are my pick. They have been to the NFC game 3 straight years.
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    Kinda makes you wonder how these hacks make a living with their "stupid" opinions. :D
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    I agree with your takes.

    However I will not fault them for taking the Skinz....on paper and from past duties in the NFL...Gibbs and Bugle were pretty darn good.

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