Tuitt vs Hageman

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by xwalker, Mar 6, 2014.

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    great discussion guys and this difference in views is exactly why a trade down in rd 1 with an extra rd 2 or rd 3 pick is our best option

    in the mid 20s we are stilll ikely to have a choice between

    donald/jernigan (whoever chicago does not take)
    1 safety (between ha ha and pryor)
    any OL (other than martin who will likely be gone)
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    I am no draft expert, but I like Tuitt. I don't think he was very impressive this year and thought he played too heavy. Although I think you see college lineman all the time have a down year following a strong or coming out season. Not sure why, but it happens often.

    I think if Tuitt goes to the right team and loses some weight that he could be a monster.
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    I saw both players ALOT living in Big Ten Country and you are right. Hageman is much more athletic and disruptive overall. He had NO one to take the heat off him on Minnesota's Dline. He was doubled quite a bit and still showed up strong. Tuitt played alongside Nix and a couple other VERY talented players at ND....productive career but not the player Hageman was: period.
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    That's why I don't focus on college production. I watch each individual play to see how that player executes his own assignments.
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    Not sure where the idea that Hageman is more athletic than Tuitt got started but it's likely not true. In fact, just before Tuitt had minor surgery to fix the stress fracture in his foot, he tweeted he had pro day at his high school in Georgia and ran a 4.80 40.......... at 304 pounds. Definitely doesn't prove athleticism but Tuitt is far more athletic than people here think. The question is where does he really fit in this defense? But if Hageman and Tuitt were both there at the second round pick (unlikely either would be there but just for argument sake), I think you'd be making a big mistake not taking Tuitt.

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