Twas the night before the draft

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Wood, Apr 27, 2011.

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    Here are 5 myths (rumors) we’d like to address.

    Myth 1: Carolina will draft Cam Newton with 1st pick

    Rage reaction: If ESPN’s sport science with Marcell Dareus didn’t solidify him as an absolute beast in your mind then nothing will. You can view that video here: Sport Science – Marcell Dareus. He can play virtually anywhere along the defensive line. He is a human black hole that eats space around him. His quick first step and strong hand punch make him a nightmare match-up for any offensive coordinator. This is the best defensive line draft in terms of talent and depth that we have ever seen and he tops the list. Still not sold on Marcell going number one? Plug yourself into the GM chair for Carolina – Cam Newton left the University of Florida rather than face suspension or expulsion because of three instances of academic cheating and one instance of theft of a laptop to which he was suspended from the football team. Plus, he has only one season of success as a starter and the rumors about his father’s dealings with agents make him very suspect.

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    I think they have to take Cam Newton, and it's not about who's the best player at the top of the board.

    You are screwed picking number CBA in place, so likely back to last year's numbers. If you are going to give a #1 pick 50 million dollars guaranteed, you have to draft the QB unless there's a stud, can't miss pass rusher, which there isn't.

    I love Darius, Peterson, etc., but you just cannot pay a freakin' 320 lb. DT 50 million in guaranteed money. If you pay a guy like him that much money, you'll never be able to afford a QB or other skill position players.

    Darious may or may not be the safest pick, but no one was ever going to take him #1 overall, imo.
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    Just cause you pay a QB 50 mil it doesn't mean its worth it.
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    I'm so happy for the Bills, they love Kirkpatrick. I'm having trouble finding a Kirkpatrick on their team..he's a smokescreen I guess
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    I'd rather pay 50 mil for Dareus knowing he'll be playing from day 1 than for Newton when he might not start until his contract is nearly up if he ever plays at all.
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    Anytime I see those words, I quit reading and move on.
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    Really? I mean, it's overdone, but Free is a monster run blocker and would be a top 5 RT at the first snap.

    For my part, I'm fine keeping a guy I feel comfortable with on the blind side and leaving the fact that he's a better "fit" for another position aside. I can't imagine Jerry & co. feel differently.

    But it's not some random, bizarre notion. I don't get the strong aversion.
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    I am going to assume the fact that Free is in fact a LT naturally, was our back up LT before he had to fill in at RT has just flown right over your head.

    Picture this. Your starting LT, (who you think should play RT if you draft another LT) is a free agent. Since he is your starting LT, he is probably expecting a contract that is going to pay LT money. Now, you being the ****ing genius that your are come up with this great idea. I'll move Free to RT and draft a LT. Doug, you don't mind playing for less money do ya?? We love ya buddy please stay. Ignore the 31 other offers for big contracts that you have. DUH, it's not rocket science.

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