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Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by cowboyjoe, Feb 13, 2011.

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    Did Jerry Richardson really insult Peyton Manning and @drewbrees in labor talks?
    Richardson insulted Manning, Brees in CBA talks?
    Posted on: February 13, 2011 11:22 am
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    Last week, negotiations between the NFL owners and the NFLPA fell apart. The primary reason for that was -- we believe -- a tremendous gap in the wants and needs of the two sides.

    There's also, apparently, a little vitriol between the groups. That's not shocking. But Jay Feely's mention -- on the Michael Kay Show via Pro Football Talk -- of the way Panthers owner Jerry Richardson reportedly spoke to NFL icons Peyton Manning and Drew Brees during a Dallas negotiating session is terrifying for anyone who thinks a peaceful ending to labor talks is coming soon.
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    What someone claims was said quite often is not what was actually said. And many times it depends on how it was said.
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    Anyone having participated in major labor negotiations knows this is polite. I hae been in many negiations where it cames close to murder.
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    Even if that was said, why would you cry about it? It's negotiation time. Put on your big boy pants.
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    You all seem to forget that the owners see these players as meat and nothing else. Heck, that's the way NFL fans also see them.

    Jenkins went to the pro bowl in 2009 but didn't play well in 2010 so many people on this boar were more him willing to throw them away. Now I don't know whether fans of other teams feel the same way about their players or whether this is unique to Cowboy fans. Anyway, if fans & owners care virtually nothing about these players, why in the world should any player feel any loyalty to their owner or their fans. They all realize they are out the door if the get hurt; even a star player could be out the door if he not fully recovered before next season starts.

    Finally, if Richardson has so much contempt for players like Manning/Brees smarts, do you think he has any respect for any other NFL players or even for football fans. Nobody put a gun to Richardson's head and forced him to buy the Panthers. In fact many of these owners bought their teams cause it was the only way they could gain name recognition. After all, who would Jerry Jones be if he didn't own the Cowboys; he'd just another millionaire.

    Finally I don't get. Nobody forces the owners to pay the kind of salaries they pay to these players except the minimum salary is about $75,000 for rookies. The owners pay those outlandish sums of money cause they know other owners will pay for the player they want to keep or are seeking. Yes, I know money value is established for each NFL position. But nothing forces the owners to pay it if they don't want too. And too many small markets like the Panthers, etc., don't have or don't want to spend their money. While other small market teams like the Steelers, etc. manage to run their organization just fine and are national team, just like the Packers, etc.
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    Wait, so players can read and understand revenue charts as good as the owners?

    I highly doubt that. Not trying to diss Peyton or Drew, but that is a stretch unless it is a very simple revenue chart.
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    Very true. These men are billionaires for a reason.
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    exactly...i doubt any of these players got into college on a business scholarship
  9. Hostile

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    There is no way the players can understand the revenue charts the same way.

    Think about this, outside of AdamJT13 is there any one of you who can calculate to the penny exactly what a team spends in salaries to players?

    I am a smart guy and I can't do what he does. We all know the media can't. hell they go to Adam's blog to get most of their information.

    So where would these players get that kind of understanding of that complex system which is exactly what lands in their pockets?

    Riddle me that Batman.
  10. MarionBarberThe4th

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    Where is Adam? He could post 1 sentence on all of this and make more sense than the rest of us
  11. burmafrd

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    he is making us suffer.
  12. RS12

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    Jerry Richardson is at the head of the hard line owners, not suprising. Bad owner. Period.
  13. Red Dragon

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    Regardless of whether Brees and Peyton could understand the revenue chart or not (I don't blame them if they couldn't,) there's no need for Richardson to have been rude about it like that.
  14. jobberone

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    The players have people who understand everything going on.
  15. jman

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    Maybe he is doing it like the "good 'ole days"... Richardson.html

  16. Randy White

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    You MUST be kidding...
  17. Randy White

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    That's not the same thing you said on the post before and it's STILL bullcrap.

    If Richardson truly said that and neither Manning or Brees said anything back such as: " Old man, at your age you can't wipe your butt without help, much less teach anybody anything. By the way, here's a napkin to wipe the drool off your chin. You're embarrassing yourself, you condescending fool. ", then shame on them.

    To begin with, both Payton Manning and Drew Brees graduated from their respective universities, Tennessee and Purdue ( and Purdue is not exactly a community college ), so they're not dummies. They're also multi, multi millionaires, who are basically industries on to themselves, and by now have read more revenue charts, risk reports, tax laws, investment portfolios ..etc..etc than the majority of the people in here, combined. To imply otherwise is beyond ridiculous. It's actually insulting.

    But even if that's the case, which it isn't, otherwise they wouldn't be there as representatives, they don't have to know what crappy revenue charts the owners are putting out there, which I'm sure are " unbiased " :rolleyes: . They have people sitting next to them who DO know and for Richardson to say that, again if he did, is right down disrespectful and pathetic.
  18. TD-33

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    I'm not 'siding' here but consider if it were YOUR tens of millions at stake- you could possibly come across as an ***. Hell I have said worse over $100.00 much less $100,000,000.
  19. Randy White

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    matter, but doing a little research I found this:

    Drew Brees graduated from Purdue with a Degree in Industrial Management and Peyton Manning got his degree in business and communication in 3 years.

    " sur enouf' maw, them hillbillies don't know wad a pie chart looks like, unless they eatin' one, much less one of 'em revewhatchimacall it chart :banjo: "..
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    Since ownership won't open all their books and let the NFLPA read it with their own accountants, it's not a matter of reading a ledger sheet, it's a matter of the ledgersheet being filled with unverified and untrustworthy data. We know through open records that the Green Bay Packers turned profit last year.

    For some reason Richardson has deemed himself one of the alpha dogs of the ownership group. Why? I have no idea. He's been one of the main driving forces of the lockout. In fact, at this stage I'm not sure if Richardson is even interested in finding a settlement, he just wants to break the player's union at all costs.

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