Two of our Losses do not look so bad now

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by burmafrd, Oct 15, 2013.

  1. burmafrd

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    Outside of Denver, KC is clearly the best team in the AFC at this time. We lost to them by 1 and frankly should have beaten them.

    SD just pretty much punked Indy- looking closer at them its hard to figure out how they are doing this well but they are. At least compared to last year.

    Both those teams have made significant progress this season. KC had the talent but lousy coaching and worse QB play. They have fixed those two problems and the result is obvious.

    SD is a little harder to figure. Against us Rivers was as good as I have ever seen him. He was putting throws right through pinhole sized openings.

    Both those games we could have won and probably should have. BUT they are clearly quality teams.

    And look at what the Rams did this last weekend as well....
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  2. Stryker44

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    How SD can get handled by the Raiders yet manage to beat Indy, who in turn beat Seattle and routed a flat out mystery.

    Any given Sunday.
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  3. Matts4313

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    We lost to the two undefeated teams in the NFL by a combined 4 points. According to strength of schedule, both the Chiefs and Broncos are legit teams.

    We also lost to a jekell/hyde SD team. That one is embarrassing as we played like dog poop.

    Either way; I think this team has the potential to be a top 10 team. Just need to prove it.
  4. Fritsch_the_cat

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    The Bolts are as schitzo as the Cowboys. They can beat any team any week, but often play to the level of their opponent, much like Dallas.
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  5. Fritsch_the_cat

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    A loss never looks good, but I get what you are saying, and agree.
  6. RXP

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    True, but our wins aren't much to write home about either.

    Just keeping it real.
  7. bbailey423

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    Technically, the OP is right. But KC is the type of team that can EASILY go out in the 1st round of the playoffs at home. They are not a scary team. And we lost that game before the game started. Our approach to beating them was ALL wrong. We approached the Denver game like we SHOULD approach every game. This is a new NFL. And the name of the game is to put up as many points as you can. Especially with the way our OL is playing. Not to mention the weapons we have on offense. There is no way this team should ever score 16 points.

    San Diego is also a bad loss. Sure, they are not dog meat. But we did not score a single point the entire 2nd half. Not to mention we were up 21 - 10.
  8. Stryker44

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    It seems like Dallas has been that way the last decade since Campo was axed....always the talent to be scary, always a "dangerous" team....but only mediocrity in the end.

    Will be interesting to see if that ends this year. To me, 8-8 would be more agonizing than 4-12.

    You guys aren't far away from being a really good team, but when will all the pieces fit together?
  9. burmafrd

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    With their D KC could also make it to the SB. Frankly that is more likely than a first round loss at home.

    We did not play well vs SD but as I pointed out Rivers was unreal with his accuracy that day.
  10. The Natural

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    any games you lose that you should've won are bad losses, its the difference between being 8-8 sitting at home and 10-6 and in the playoffs, but ya'll will learn
  11. Stryker44

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    Bob Sutton (KC defensive coordinator) is likely to be a HOT HC prospect next year. Can't wait to see whether he can slow down Peyton

    Would love to see him in Washington, if he coached at Army in the past I imagine he demands discipline and attention to detail.
  12. bbailey423

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    Their defense is defineitly solid. But they are not the '85 Bears. And this is 2013....the era of big offense. And no matter who this offense goes against...16 points is unacceptbale.
  13. Idgit

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    I thought our losses, other than the SD losses, looked legit at the time. That SD game was a disappointment because, though they definitely played lights-out, that's still a game really good teams usually win on the road.
    We're right at 500, but we've got a pretty good team in a really watered down NFC this season. We'll see how it turns out, but if the DL doesn't fall apart, and we can sew up the huge coverage holes by the time we come out of the bye, we're in a good position to make a playoff run, at least.
  14. Stryker44

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    You're also in a really good position having all your losses coming against AFC teams rather than NFC at this point. I don't see anybody in the NFC East being able to challenge Dallas winning the division this season. Giants have 6 losses, Eagles are questionable and haven't beaten anyone, and the Redskins remaining schedule is brutal even if we get our act together.

    Not that it will make that much of a difference though in terms of playoff position or tiebreakers, since I'm pretty sure the top 2 seeds in the NFC are coming out of the West and South.
  15. Vintage

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    burm is a big fan of moral victories.
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  16. mmillman

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    I would like to see us beat one quality team before I start singing their praises.
  17. Zman5

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    When we get a real HC . Look what happened to KC this year and SF two years ago.
  18. Zimmy Lives

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    Agreed which makes the KC loss sting a little more. If there is a game I'd like to see the Cowboys play over again it would be that one.
  19. DFWJC

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    I've been saying all year. Take note of home vs away. In some cases it is huge.

    Seattle should have lost at Carolina, New Orleans should have lost at Tampa Bay, then there are the ones that actually did lose....etc
  20. MichaelWinicki

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    Regardless of good or bad losses... I figured the Cowboys needed to be 4-2 by this point. The extra loss, no matter how it's looked upon is disappointing.
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